Good night world!!

Here I am again telling you about some more things! I’m feeling loving today… I’ll tell you why… here’s a summary!

I’m going to tell you about my weekend because it has been one of the best in a long time…

Friday! We finished work at about 6 and went to a new park just behind our house! We met my parents in law there and decided to go to the horse fair  (I’ve uploaded some videos on Facebook) I love horses since I was little, that being said, I didn’t see a single one!

At the fair we had a ride on everything and Jaime had so much fun! We had some panceta and cheese sandwiches (if my personal trainer or nutritionist read this, they’ll kill me) some salchipapas…etc… and when Jaime was tired we went back home! (He had a simple hotdog of course, just bread and sausage)

On saturday we had to go up to Navacerrada because we were having the chimney installed! I was so excited, they made so much progress! I want it to be finished… it is being so long…

We spent the day with my aunt, that came to visit us, so we had a walk in family and then a coffee under the blanket watching the rain!

I was still nervous for that night, Jaime was staying with his cousin, but where were we going!??? Well, so I got dressed up, did my hair, and put on some make-up… dressed with a long backless jumpsuit and a denim jacket in case we weren’t going to a very fancy place, and a clutch.

We arrived… and Etiopian! How much fun! First of all, you should know, you eat everything with your hands, it’s tradition, and I was going crazy… and happy eating with my hands and using crepes as accompaniment. You can’t imagine how much fun I had! It reminded me of our journey to Africa! We laughed so much! We ordered a tasting menu because we had no idea of what to order! Then a puff pastry dessert which I loooooove, really good and really cheap! Then we picked up Jaime and when we arrived home, a massage to relax!

On Sunday we went for a walk… we went to Decathlon because I wanted to buy some gym clothes, and then we went to the park, it seemed it was there only for us… it was going to rain, but we didn’t mind! The 3 of us were more bonded than ever! Jaime is starting to follow up, you tell him no and he stops, you tell him to come and he doesn’t run off… it’s easier each time… sometimes it is exhausting being a parent…

On our way back we saw a Persian restaurant… hello?? what is this?? let’s have a look!

So we had lunch there with a friend! Very good! Strange, but cool! We love the international food and traditions!

We arrivied home at 6 and had a nap… then a big bath full of foam for the 3 of us, we stayed in there for an hour! A very fun bath… and the end to the weekend… and that’s how I came to feel loving!


Photo 1: Ring from Singularu! discounted if you put anamanriqueg!!

Photo 2: HM jeans and hat, Cinco+Uno shirt, Ecelebrity heels, and EZmoraleja bag.

Photo 3: Coat from Trucco, Hollister jeans, Castellanos shoes (goya), CH bag.

Photo 4: Mum’s sandwich!!

Photo 5: Exhausted… so cute!! Clothes from GOCCO

Photo 6: Crepes to help you eat with your hands! SO MUCH FUN!

Photo 7: HAPPY

Photo 8: MY PERSON

Photo 9: Sunday in the park with the family!

Photo 10: We’re going for dinner!!

Photo 11: No comments… this is my house everyday!

Photo 12: Beer and celebrations!

Photo 13: My first Hotdog!!



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