Great Moments!

So, as I can’t manage to shut up, I’ll keep writing… I’m exhausted, so already in bed. I started a book some time ago… will I be able to finish it sometime? Omg…

I have to tell you about a couple of very good moments I’ve had this week. Even some stressing stuff has been going on, I still have lots of things that make me smile and enjoy!

1. Dog Food moment

Jaime nearly nearly walks by now, he holds on to one of my fingers and walks… if I let him go he gets angry! but he crawls everywhere to go faster! So yesterday, I was washing the dishes and I realised he was very quiet, which is strange… so I popped out to his playing area and I saw him crawl rushing away… so I ran after him! The thing is we have a dog, which is practically a pig, with his fat and his breathing noises, so eating for her is not the most easy thing..many times I’ve found her food all over the house! WhnI catched Jaime, guess what he was doing! eating a piece of dog food! so I through it away and he started to cry… he must have liked it! I swear I feed the kid!

2. Plaza Norte Moment

I was fed up of being home, so  got Jaime in his trolley for a walk all the way to Plaza Norte, and Alberto comes with us… walking at the pace of a turtle as you can imagine. 10 years later, we arrive and Jaime, who is passionate of music (I have to upload some videos), starts dancing to the songs on every shop! There he was, holding on to one of my fingers and dancing like mad to the beat of the music! Of course, the girls working in the shops were dying with laughter… and when we went out of one shop, he wanted to run to the next one to keep dancing! He was even dancing well!

3. Nose-picking moment

He now does this thing… he sticks a finger into his nose, and stares at you, laughing! like, hey look what I just found!

I guess all mothers have been through this, but it’s exciting! These are things I like to have on paper, so I can read them and remember in the future!

I’ll let you know about some other things tomorrow, on another post…well… you know… when I say tomorrow it actually means in a couple of days! My eyes are closing and I have 3 meetings tomorrow… from 9am to 13pm… let’s see how alberto does without me! I hope he doesn’t call like… Hey I need you to come back right now!

That’s all! Sweet dreams!!! 


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