Perfect hair, or at least a try!

Goooood morning my girls!!

How are you today?? It’s Thursday! Yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking until 4.30… getting a grip with my work emails, agenda, I already have two bruises on my lips because of being tired… but it’s now or never! I can’t not do it.

In a year’s time i’ll read this and say “It was worth it”.

I have to get so much better on the radio, and on Tuesday my programme is launching… and I’m working with the agency and the blog, right now I’m about to have two photo-shoots for two pharmacies which have just opened and need some photos… God knows when I’ll finish… and well, that’s how things are, work everywhere!! It’s wonderful! But I’m going to go crazy, and I’m not kidding….

So I thought I owed you this post, and then I’m going to take vacations until Tuesday, starting today! I’m going to go to Nava; snow, fireplace, Jaime, daddy and mum! The three of us alone, I need it and they need me… I might even go shopping today, I’ve earned it! This weekend I’m going to work on my programme and my family, nothing else! No computer, nothing! Only some magazines to be up to date, warm soup, long walks and relax!!

Lets talk about a perfect hair! You’ve asked so many times for this post! I wrote it a long time ago and I haven’t actually changed my habits, as I’ve tried so many things but this one is the one that suits me best!

I wash my hair every 2 days approximately, I don’t put on any hair conditioner, I put on some hair mask every two weeks, I leave it on for an hour, and I put it on dry hair! Then I do myself a ponytail as it is all full with mask up to the hairband, not further up because then my hair would be left greasy!

When I wash my hair I always massage it a lot, and then rinse it very very well!

These are my products:

photo 1: My Kerastase shampoo, since long ago. The price is worth it believe me, at least try it! I am very perfectionist with my hair and I wasn’t ever happy… now I am! Put on just a little bit as it makes a lot of foam!

Carefully massage your head for at least one minute, really well with your finger tips!

Without putting on conditioner or anything else, rinse yourself with loads of water carefully because wet hair is very delicate and it’s easy to break! Then put a towel on round your hair for 5 mins without moving it too much.

Photo 2: A quick hair-dryer that protects your hair!!

Photo 3: Just once a week I give myself some volume and shape with this baby! It is all from Regmington!

Photo 4: A thin spike brush!

Photo 5: Before drying my hair, when I take off the towel I put on some spray on my ends to protect my hair from the hair-dryer’s heat!

Photo 6: The Result!!

img_1659 img_1662 img_1663 img_1664 img_1665 img_1666

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