A Mad Day

Good morning world!

I’m going to tell you about yesterday, which was mad! you can’t imagine how it was…

Even if you don’t believe it, I get super stressed if I don’t post anything in various days… it’s like everything I have to tell you about starts to accumulate!!

Literally, I don’t have enough hours, I’m adjusting my timetable, as I told you in the video, but it’s difficult… I’m going to have to get up earlier. So yesterday I woke up at 6.30 to reply to some emails and catching up with other things until 10, when Jaime woke up. Then I had a meeting and at 13.00pm I had an appointment at the hairdresser (FRANCK PROVOST). I wanted to lighten my hair a bit, as I did last year, do you remember? It’s good to go to the hairdresser, especially after summer! On top of that I had a wedding so it was perfect timing to do it! We were leaving early on Friday to Comillas for the wedding, so I had to get up and organise everything! I had to be perfect! and Jaime? well, I asked Alb to stay with him that morning, so as soon as he arrived I run off! It’s impossible to find parking in Madrid… I found one 10 minutes away… I hate it!

I explained what I wanted to the hairdresser and you will see the results in my next beauty POST! I finished at 4pm and I went directly to my area, to have something to eat while I waited for for my appointment for the manicure at 6!

But first I had to pick up some packages from Madrid, and suddenly I realised it was 10 to 6! So I run to my appointment, and bought a sandwich in a bar on my way… so the image was, me all dressed up having my nails done, while eating a huge baguette with tin foil… very glamorous… all this in a new salon which I will tell you about, much better that the one I used to go to! At the same time replying to emails, comments, calls, etc… and the girl trying to do my nails whilst I was eating and working with the phone… it was a show!

So I finished there and felt relaxed, until 9 I didn’t have a dinner! So again back to Madrid, to have dinner with my best friend and his girlfriend, whom I had not seen since a month ago! So it was 7.30 and I thought I still had time for a tanning session (in the same place) because I am wearing a short nude dress, which wouldn’t look good with white legs… so 20 mins more and then I’d go home, get dressed, pick up Alberto  from a friend’s house where he was giving classes to her son, and leave Jaime there for the time of our dinner. 

I hate tanning sessions (it had been 6 years since I had my last one..) it’s so bad for the skin… but I needed it and I needed some relax time without looking at my phone!

So then I left really happy and got changed, run to pick up Alberto and left for dinner! we were late!

I even did my make up in the car, you can see the photo… finished off replying to urgent emails, and started dinner at 9! By 11 we were already home! Jaime was still awake playing with my friend’s son, and he fell asleep as soon as we got home, already having been showered and everything! I started packing up and then went to sleep after some more emails… I was so tired! then at 8 I was up and I worked during all the roadtrip to Comillas… I’ll tell you about the arrival tomorrow! 

Here are some photos of yesterday and some looks!!

I hope you like the videos I am uploading in my channel!!

Muaa Muaaakk!!

Photo 1: I hate having breakfast at express gas stations. 

Photo 2: Jaime messing up my friend’s house! 

Photo 3: At the Tennis Master with Franck Provost!

Photo 4: HM skirt, shirt and jacket, POMPEII shoes (both of us), Alberto wears Levis 501, and jacket from Ralph Lauren.

Photo 5: I’d eat him!!!

Photo 6: Having a walk! Jaime is wearing jeans from HM, sweater from GAP and converse. I am wearing jeans from CINCO+UNO, shirt from Lara Talbot, HM jackets, Steve Madden sandals and Rayban glasses. 

Photo 7: Jaime trying to get into the washing machine!

Photo 8: Picture from MISS WOOD and Jaime dressed up all in MICANESU clothing (I recommend it for babies).

Photo 9: working and relaxing at the same time at the hairdresser!

Photo 10: I’m not lying… this was the situation!

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