Achieving Purposes

Good Morning world! 

It’s been a long time since I last posted! I was missing it!!

I have so much to tell you about, I don’t even know where to start! lets see… I have been in meetings with my agency clients since the last post, and visiting future clients and working hard on it, each day we are more and more and I’m super happy!!! This is growing at very fast pace… sometimes it scares me… but I know I can deal with it!

If I need any help, I’ll begin to look for a team! and continue to give it all with my beloved blog and all of you!

Alberto and I have organised ourselves again, as he doesn´t work at home anymore, he goes to the office until 3pm, and I spend the mornings with Jaime, and then I get free afternoons ( I have to force myself to leave or make them leave because if not I can’t work all I want!). During the mornings I work on the easiest, emails and fast things, and in the afternoon events, meetings and work that require a higher concentration or long emails!!

I have also started the gym today, and I’m working with a nutritionist, I´ll tell you more tomorrow, I’m done with the “I have to”. I wasn’t doing it… so now I’m forcing myself to eat healthy and look after myself! I don’t want to loose a single gram, so it’s going to be a change from eating pasta and fast food, wine and McDonald’s to fruit, vegetables and a lot of water etc… and get toned… tomorrow I’ll tell you more about it! This way I´ll be strong and healthy in the inside and the outside! 

I’m working on a beauty post for you this week, what I use for each part of my body and why! What would I never use and what I don’t recommend and what I do recommend! 

More things… this week I’m going to try a new hairdresser, sometimes I think I can’t talk too much about beauty, because I do not take that much care of myself, but this is going to change! I’m going to start going once a month to a hair dresser that has all kinds of treatments and that has been highly recommended!! No more hair cutting by my husband every 6 months… I need to take care of myself! I’m turning 30 in 4 months! Omg… what I’m I going to do? I’ve always dreamt about doing a Sex in the City for my 30’s, like in the movie… but until I can actually reach that level I’m not going to do it! I mean, in a couple of days or never… I’ll see what I do!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you some more! I’m already in bed and my eyes are closing! and I’m already starting to be sore… It’s not possible, it’s just the first day! Lets see if I can move tomorrow jajajaja but I’m happy!

PD: Last week I got over excited after my fashion post and I said; You’ve worked for it and you deserve it! Give yourself a treat! So I’ve bought myself a bag I have been after for a long time… I’m in love… you’ll see me quite a lot with it! Once a year, doesn’t make any harm!  Mua!!

Photo 1: At the Burjois event, seeing the new collections! ( I’d kill for a mirror like that). Basic HM t-shirt and jeans, shoes from EZ Moraleja (Elissabetta Franchi), Carolina Herrera bag, basic HM jersey. 

Photo 2: CH Bag (I tld you you’d see it a lot), Jeans from Hollister, boots from EGO, shirt and jersey from CINCO+UNO, Vila jacket, and ring from a random shop at Javea!

img_2811 img_2812 img_2814 img_2851

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