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How are you my loves!!!???

I’m like dead, but without the like… what a wedding! I am not used to drinking anymore, I’ve been two days in recovery… help! and today I had personal training in the gym, and I nearly had a heart attack!

We arrived yesterday afternoon… we passed by Navacerrada to see how the work on the house was going and get some errands done, then at 9pm I gave Jaime his bath and dinner and I went to OpenCor to get some pasta… I needed a strong meal, well, we’ve been eating all weekend as if there was no tomorrow, so much nice food… but now I’ll go back to my bikini diet!

We had such a good time! My family in law was there, with the baby that is 4 months older than Jaime, and the had so much fun!!! All of us did! 

Today I’ve been from 7 to 11am with emails, and then Jaime woke up, then from 2pm to 9pm working on my computer, except for one hour I spent in the gym. Now we were going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, but I relly don’t like Penelope Cruz, so I decided to tell you about my life for a bit…

I’ll post all of the photos as I comment about them!

Tomorrow morning I have a photo shoot for CINCO+UNO and then we’re going to Nava because we are getting the new doors and walls to get them painted already! In 20 days the house will be ready! I am filming everything so that I can make a video when it’s done!

I will also film a video this week, what would you like? Ask for things!!

Big kisses wooorld!!

Photo 1: Look for the wedding! Dress from Mango (this season’s), HM jacket (this season’s), shoes from MoléMolé (from a year ago), hat and belt from Bendita Gilda, and purse from EZMoraleja!

Photo 4: Watch from Michael Kors

Photo 5: My love and I, happy, relaxed… in love! I get so emotional!!

Photo 6: The country house in Comillas where the wedding was celebrated!!

Photo 7: Playing with Pepa in the garden, enjoying the good weather, as happy as he can be!

Photo 8: La Guerruca, the best place in Comillas… I highly recommend it! Jaime learning how to walk Pepa!

Photo 9: Relaxing in our new shoes from Mini Navacerrada!

Photo 11: On our way to Madrid… getting some rest (at last!)

Photo 13: Charging Batteries in a gas station! Jeans and shirt from Cinco+uno, and Mini Navacerrada shoes!

Photo 14: He doesn’t like to be fed anymore… he’s becoming old! 🙁

Photo 15: No need for words… Pure love…

Photo 16: A mix of our lunches and dinners from the weekend! Everything was so good…. 🙁 I want to go back!



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