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How are these disconnection days going on? I am at Navacerrada, my village, and ufff…. I dont want to make you feel jealous, but I have to say Im writing form my parents’s sofa, with my polar pink pyjamas  on, besides the fireplace… some chill music on and drinking a warm coffee.

We are advancing quite a lot with the house, well actually Alberto is doing all the work.. Within a month we’ll be spending our holidays there if all goes as planned!! I’ve tried my best helping out with the physical work on the house..I’ve helped out changing floors and walls… however he’s much quicker at doing it… I’ll therefore left it to him. I’m so inpatient to finish it… I wish I could hire someone to do it, but there are things like these you can do yourself and try to save some money…we are already spending on two mortgages, cars, water and electricity, community and internet costs, etc…Nothing new right? 

Hard work is required to earn more money… and be able to be in better economic conditions…with a bit of luck!!

So, what else can I tell you… Last Thursday a went to the  opening of the hairdressing salon “Oh my cut”, at Las Tablas, as blogger and event photographer. I had such a good time taking photos, trying beauty treatments… It’s quite cool, loads of colours and nice designs…Good Vibes! 

I took loads of photos for AMGfotografia 

I tried on the hair protein treatment, which left my hair soon silky!! But I was left with the intrigue of trying the botox one! botox on hair!! Of course, they had to explain this… I have to update myself with the beauty world… I’m working on it! Doubling volume? Of course I want it…we all want it, I’m I wrong?? I’ll go back this week for sure… prices are unimaginable, literally…In a good way… 0.99 a haircut…I couldn’t believe it!!


IMG_1265okChanging subject, the video by Amichi and a bit of my interview as a blogger and Press Day image, is already here! Here it is!! 

What else… COMILLAS CONCEPT STORE  the store of which im embassador, and of which I made the v ideo a few days ago, has inaugurated another store!  With 25 new brands, which are changing every 15 days, and as you already know, they are all MADE IN SPAIN!! this week all go by to have a look, Its decoration and lay out is always different!IMG_9164_mini-1024x683

I’ve already been an hour with the post, so many thing taking up my time… changing jaime, which has really good timing, Alberto arriving, mails, calls… I can’t manage to finish up!! I’m so impatient to have our house in Navacerrada finished… where I can write and post being relaxed…IM SO IMPATIENT!!!

We’re going to the village center to have a drink! with Jaime and his first tooth!! poor little thing.. we’re barely sleeping…he dosn’t cry but he’s unable to sleep..he’s also got a cold… he drools and has pain… I spend all nigh holding him…such a cutie!!

IN A FEW HOUR YOU’LL HAVE A NEW VIDEO IN MY CHANNEL!! I’ll try to finish it as soon as possible!! KISSESSSS

IMG_8115 IMG_8116 IMG_8120 IMG_8132 IMG_8163

Photo 1: cap from Decathlon (hunting section); Basic Jersey, white T-shirt  and trousers from HM, UGG Boots from Australia; Hand-bag from Carolina Herrera, Coat from Amichi. 


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