Good Morning world!!

How’s your week getting along? I havent stopped!! only a post per week? is it going to be like this? No! this week has been really busy, but next week I’ll be calm and settled!

Im dealing with the work being done in the house, the little one; Jaime, events, recordings for brands, videos which I’m making for you, the agency which is working like mad, maintaining clothes and social networks up to date, My blog…I want to do some changes on it, some improvements, any recommendations? anything to change for my boys and girls? Your desires are orders :P!!

I’m very happy because we are almost 40.000 in Instagram…just a year and a half and how have you made me rise!  working in something I like and achieving my dreams, and what’s best, sharing it with you all…

Today I have some news for you!! yesterday I had no time to set up the christmas tree!! I was at JeanLouis David taking classes on how to use the GHD PLATINO, and they gave me one! I have to upload the video!! Lets see if I finally do my hair and put some makeup on and give you some tips on how to look flawless for parties!! Its been so long since I dont do my hair…

I received such a good news!! I’m growing new hair! baby hair…. of course, my hair started to fall with the pregnancy grr!! I’m all day working on my volume… I want my hair back snifff

Tomorrow we’re going to the new house in Navacerrada, we have to work on, my dear friend, the Stucco walls.. it has me exhausted! It’s so hard to take off… if you do it yourself of course, we have to save money, so many expenses, plus the mortgage…puff…many of you ask why I dont have someone to help me at home, everything has to be payed! and the house itself is going to cost me about 5000 euros only for the plumbing, new walls and lighting and wooden floors… plus the mortgage and regain what I had put into to start with, a total ruin…

I prefere to do all I can even though I have to be rushing to everything… my house is a mess right now… and the other one is too, but slowly this will be fixed, for sure, if not I would t be writing on this…

Some of you say it’s like a motivation blog jajaja I love it! we have to accomplish dreams!! give everything…work hard and dream… if something doesn’t make you happy, kick it out and go for another thing! Beginnings are always hard, but if you don’t take this step then it will putt you off, and it will be harder each time.. I’ve fallen on my face looooads of times but I’ve learnt from it and it’s made me stronger … DO IT!!! Besides, 2016 is arriving… how better to start than with that excuse??

What else… we’re going to Copenhagen for new year’s eve!! With Alberto’s parents! they’ve invited us and we’re leaving for the waaarmth…. oh god, we’re going to be like Eskimos… how much fun!! I’m so exciteeed!!! 

More things! Remember I told you I had been in ENFEMENINO? I’ve been recording a pair of tutorials for Astor!! here they are!! A very good experience!! Mi first job as a model since I have my blog… obviously im not a model, but I was as happy as I could be! Here are the links!

Shortly  I’ll upload my videos with my own tips!!

Did you see in youtube the 5+1’s video as ambassador? Today I’ll upload a summary of how it got to networks, the complete one is already here!

I think i’m not forgetting anything! I want more comments, It seems I’m talking alone, I’m seeing visits to the blog gradually increasing! I always answer so take advantage of it! ask for things, ask on whatever you’d like tips on!! A HUGE KISS TO ALL OF YOU!!

Photo 1: Ohhh these sweet days women have!!

Photo 2: Who’s everything for me?? You..

Photo 3: Coat from promod, Hat from H&M, Jeans from Blanco

Photo 4: riband made by me with parts from a coat, Jaime wears GOCCO

Photo 5: Oversize T-shirt from H&M, Jaime waers GOCCO again

Photo 6: Home made scarf, Carolina Herrera pants, Jersey from Amicci, Tshirt and sunglasses from H&M

Photo 7: With my GHD teacher and my gist! I need to learn how to use them!

Photo 8: Gran via, Madrid

PD: Jaime is already walking nearly by himself (I only hold him one hand!)

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3 thoughts on “BEAUTY IS HERE

  1. Dear Anukriti,

    Good afternoon from Spain, thank you a lot for waisting your time and searching throught my blog, it makes me and Jaime 😉 so happy that you like us.

    As allways I will post everythign and you allways also have in instagram more things and different.

    Thank you for your message.

    Kisses from Jaime and My self.

    Ana Manrique.

  2. I am loving your blog Ana<3 got to know about your blog through Instagram and I never expected a reply from you but omg you did.
    I am looking forward to your Christmas and New year posts. The photo 1 is just adorable.
    Lots of love from India.

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