Body day

Hey everyone!!

As I’m trying to do every Thursday: here I am, to tell you some new things!!

We went to the pediatric with Jaime and he already weighs 7kg! He is average to advance in everything and a bit tall!! So all perfect and normal! Since one week we are giving him veggies, we are very pleased and he eats it all hahaha! I should show you how we struggle feeding him with a spoon, since it’s new for us…he eats it all and loves it, but I just feel so clumsy! Anyone who knows a trick?


Today I’ll answer some of your questions and show you my look!

I’m still very pale, but my pool opened this week, so let’s see if we can get some sun!!


  1. How are you able to – between all your tasks – answer all the comments on your blog and Instagram?

Well, this is what I do, what I live off, I love it and I think it’s the most important thing: answer you and being thankful for all that you tell Jaime and me


  1. Do you think of having a haircut? All bloggers are cutting their hair until their shoulders!

I promise you, that that’s the last thing I would do! I love long hair! I might just cut it a little, so it’s healthier again, but I don’t like to follow others and trends; to do exactly what everyone else does…Trends just come and go…but without followers, there would not be new styles.

I think that everybody should have their own style, personality and just wear whatever you like, trendy or not….I wear things that are 10 years old and things I just bought yesterday, I buy whatever I like, not because it’s fashion ( I mean it has to look good on me and I actually have to like it, etc). I think it’s better to be basic, since that won’t pass and just add some trendy details or just be stylish or show your personality and that’s it.


  1. Do you have or did you have piercings/tattoos?

I’ve never had piercings or tattoos, but last Tuesday I got a tattoo with the date of birth of Jaime in roman numbers on my rib…I don’t like having a lot of tattoos, I was always against it, but I have a little wild side and I wanted this for so long. It’s my world, and this day changed my life, it’s something I’ll have forever and something sentimental, not esthetic.


  1. When will you upload a new video?

Well, I have a couple things toughed of, but first I have to finish sowing the agendas and bags that you have ordered….probably next week I’ll do another one… on Tuesday…I hope!!


  1. Have you been a model?

Well, I have done some tiny things with agencies, but not like a catwalk or so…I’m very short and I don’t belong there, not in that type of world either…


  1. Do people stop you a lot on the street?

They have done yes :-p, but most of them just write me afterwards, like: ‘’I’ve seen you, but I didn’t wanted to bother you’’ or so…BAD!! L I would like you to – when you see me – come to say hello!


  1. What’s your plan for this weekend?

This Saturday, Alberto has his exam and if he passes, we will go to Comillas, to the beach to celebrate for a couple days!! And if not…I thought of another plan…Later I’ll tell you…


Mi today’s outfit:Body day

Body: Eva Zaldivar

Shorts: H&M

Botines: Top Shop

98 9 copia 6 4


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