Building some muscle!

Good night everyone!!

How are you? I’m a bit saturated, for a change… but okay!!! Happy!! I’ve been looking into some shops and I’m going to make a post on what is going to be a trend, what I most like and what I would love to buy!!

That way I can give you some ideas! Let’s talk about our bikini diet! How are you doing?

Are you working on it?

I’m super focused! Just after giving birth I had an excuse, and when pregnant you look wonderful with a big tummy… but not anymore… it’s no longer nice!

After an intense month at the gym, without failing to go every day except Sundays and every other Saturday, I start to notice the how my muscles are developing and how fat is lowering and my skin is becoming smoother! It’s hard work but the reward is worth it!

I am finishing the video I filmed with my personal trainer! I talked about him on my last nutrition and sports post! I’ve learnt how to eat healthier, what to eat before working out, and what to eat when you’re hungry but have already eaten (those times when you empty the fridge…) but you eat healthy things that don’t make you bloat… I, and most of us, sleep better depending on what we have for dinner… and I’m becoming an expert on it! I’m leaving you some of my healthy meals to get rid of some fat, and along with exercise feel so much progress! You’re still on time! Work hard on it! You’ll feel so good!! and clothes fit you so much better!

A big kiss!! I recommend you to do the same! For me, working with Noel and INFINIT FITNESS 24h gym, is making me feel stronger and healthier each day! And I even have my time to disconnect, which I really need!! Muaaaa

Photo 1: Homemade gazpacho

Photo 2: Stone-cooked Beef Ribeye 

Photo 3: Jamon serrano, tomato, and leek homemade pizza!

Photo 4: Water and more water! Ready to go!

Photo 5: Turkey with Sauerkraut

Photo 6:Tuna with carrots

Photo 7: Rice biscuits with Philadelphia and strawberries! Tea to drink!

Photo 8: Strawberries with Sweetened yogurt!

Photo 9: Sushi for dinner! I love it!

Photo 10: Tuna and avocado!

Photo 11: Pasta with tuna, oregano, garlic and salt!

Photo 12: Chicken with carrots

Photo 13: Cod and tomato salad!

Photo 14: Grilled asparagus and mushrooms with brown rice! and tea to drink! we have to drink 2 liters of water per day!

Photo 15: Salmon with carrots and leek

Photo 16: My favourite breakfasts! Toasted bread with tomato, oil, salt and Serrano ham, and coffee! Ñam!

Photo 17: Chicken, onion and tomato salad!

Photo 18: My breakfasts! sweetened yoghurt  with oats!

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