Caroli Health Club vs Sorteo

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How are you today? (I take advantage as Jaime has just slept 😛 ) Well well, it is Friday!! And in nearly no time S. Santa, I’m sure you are all doing your plans for holidays, people who are staying at home and people who are going some were!! Relaxing plans, party plans ….

I have opted for Sports Plan, I know it sounds friking but I’m so happy know that I can do again sports, tomorrow I will post my style life and they way I take care of myself on this period after-preganancy, and how I will try to get again some muscles and come back to my normal weight, I’m still 6kg above my normal weight :-( and I still can’t get in nearly any of my trousers 🙁

But OK tomorrow I will tell you everything in detail!!

For this small holiday coming soon, I have opted going to Comillas, a little of beach and a little of mountain! We are taking the bicycles, the snowboards and the running equipment, wow our car is not going to be able to get up hills 😛

For me doing diet is nearly impossible or very very difficult so this is why I have opted for sports which I love doing and I will try to do some healthy eating, lets see if I can do it, because in Comillas food is tremendously good.

I have proposed this to my self, and I’m sure I will do it y hope you will see this in time! For anyone how wants to start also tomorrow, read the posts and you can start with and we can see how we go and tell each other 🙂 I know there are some people how are going to start with me so it can be real fun for all of us. I’m not a trainee but I have always been a very good sports’ person, and my husband helps me a little he is more Frick with all these things, I’m just a fighter and I usually get what I want, so Let’s play hard with this from tomorrow.

This weekend I’m making my mind for this, I have gone running 3 days, not a lot just a short run, but OK like this I make my mind start thinking on it 😛 searching some nice route, some nice motivating music…

And for a better pregnancy and shoelace recuperation, what could be better than a nice SPA session and a super Massage?? Nothing of course 🙂

For me nothing could be better! So last Wednesday I went with Alberto to Caroli Health Club which is in the Hotel at Madrid: Miguel Angel, address: Paseo de la Castellana, were they received us as kings, I could never be more grateful to them.

The massage was a 60 minutes relaxing session in the VIP zone they have, which anyone can reserve, the massage was with therapeutical chocolate, this left both of us totally NEW you can imagine it, from feet to head all of our bodies :-), it was really good. After this, we had a small break with some gorgeous fruits with Te and after this we went and tried all the swimming pool treatments, jacuzzi …

Better way to start impossible, and to get strength for the sports planning!

The best of all, is that thanks to Azayr which they are incredible people, I can raffle this same treatment … for two people, so for you and the person how you want to go with you. This can be done in any of Spain places with which they work with ( they only work with luxury places so run and go to the raffle quickly).

I give thanks again to Azayr and Caroli Health Club for this great time and experience which we loved and will repeat for sure, and which I recommend you for all who are in Madrid or will come to Madrid.

Also in you can have great discounts up to 65% in Wellness treatments as ours!!

Are you gona lose this opportunity? Tell all of your friends, register your self quickly because at the end of this month there will be a winner!!!!! You only have to register your self nothing more and the raffle will be done, you will spend no more than 20 seconds, come on, go on :-P!! GREAT LUCK FOR ALL OF YOU!!


Todays OUTFIT:

Swimsuit from: jaabylula

A GREAT KISS for all of you!!!

Tomorrow more!!


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8 thoughts on “Caroli Health Club vs Sorteo

  1. Tia!!! Estas perfecta!!! Guapísima ahora mismo, no pienses en perder mas peso…. Con lo rebonica que estas (pd…. Solo pesas 6 kilos menos que yo)….

  2. Estoy ahora en 54 y estaba en 48… Estaba en la talla 34 y ahora no se en cual estaré niego a comprarme nuevos!! he tenido celulitis?? claro!! y aun tengo!! y estrías en la tripa un poco, estoy con cremas y haciendo deporte como loca!! mañana en el post os cuento!!
    muakkkk guapaa!!

  3. Que delgadita xa haber dado a luz hace.poquito.6 kilos te faltan.x.perder? Cuanto pesabas antes? Si.estas ahora ya perfecta.has tenido celulitis alguna vez o retencion de liquidos?

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