How are you doing my loves??

Yesterday i was reading one of my old posts, it’s wonderful to have all those feelings, adventures, successes and letdowns… Im going to love reading it in a couple of years! We remember so little from throughout the year… I never thought reading this would make me so happy! 

You should try it! It’s quite cool! At least on special days, write down in whole detail how that day was… Don’t leave it to your memory! 

I’ll keep on writing so I can read this later on… So we are all, including Pepa, in Cercedilla since friday! At a friends house, chats by the fire place and warm food, that’s our plan! 

My body is soar today from yesterday’s long walk! But this feeling is the best! A sunny day, a long walk, crossing rivers, up and down mountains… Singing and eating “pepitos de ternera”! Then once home, a hot shower, a warm soup and the chimney… Uf… It’s the best!

We are now on the post-breakfast, they keep chatting while i’m cleaning, making the beds up and doing the luggage, who would ever say I’d end up doing these things… Being a mother has changed me so much, and I’m so happy about it! 

I know its normal, but I was a complete disaster! There could be clothes even underneath carpets… Dishes to be washed from 2 or 3 days… Etc… Omg what a mess! Well yes, and I was happy like that!

I’m still cleaning up! This afternoon we have my nephew’s birthday party! So we’ll go back to Madrid, have a shower and get dressed up, and get him a gift of course!  

I’ll be back with new things to tell you in a couple if days! 


Photo 1: with my new bag! So happy!

Photo 2: potatoes with ribs and wine! 3 men cooking for me!  

Photo 3: my dearest friend! Love you!

Photo 4: nachos to nibble on!

Photo 5: happy family! 

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