Christmas Ends

Hello World !!

I’m back ! I haven’t stopped ; family friends, a week in Denmark, totaly disconnected from everything with my parents in law… I’ve missed you !

In compensation, I’ve thought that I could upload a post per day during next week ! what do you think ? They’ll be shorter but you’ll be up to date !!

This is one my 2016 goals, and which are the rest ?

This new year I’ll look after myself, I’ll keep a routine in exercise and healthy eating. I’m going to get a healthy recepie book, which will also be good for jaime ! he needs to eat loads of furit and vegetables and drink a lot of water, so if I cook for all of us we’ll save money and eat better, avoiding so much pizza and fast food…
This year, as I said, I want to exercise every day (starting on Monday) Alberto and I will take turns in the evenings ! My goal is not to loose weight but to transform fat into muscle and kill my cellulite, facidity and all those things that comes with the 30’s… I’ll feel stronger and confident ! I’ts hard to start, we all know this, but isn’t the post-workout shower-time feeling worth it ?
3More smiling, singing and dancing ! I love dancing and singing, I love waking up to loud music in the mornings ; dancing while I get things done at home, with my hair tied up in a bun and my coffee, but I haven’t done it this year because of Jaime. I’m gradually turning the volume up, and he’s getting used to it ! I have to admit i’m one of those people who turn up the volume to the maximum while in the car… I get so motivated… and Jaime can’t stop laughing, he dances along with me, you have to see him ! I’ll film him one of these days…
Criticize less.. women are like that by nature, we love to criticize, we are jealous and chatterboxes, some more than other… however i am less and less, but I still have to cut down so I will have less of an opinion (judge less)… everyone is how they are, and we need to respect that.
I’m going to write two posts per week, thats for sure, and then I will try and do more videos. I wish I could do it all.

On the other hand, we have employed a girl, so that she could help me with the cleaning and ironing, it’s only 10 euros, and I rather spend it on that then something else
I need help with Jaime, dog, cat and work… What other new things!

Now we are in Navacerrada, at my parents house, we will be here all week, my parents will be out, and I will be Jaime and Alberto, poor him, working in our new house. I’ve bought the floor! wooden floor!
Gosh I can’t wait, We don’t have long left I think that by march we could sleep there!

Plumbing is sorted, Light we will finish these days and the floor is bought, it, it just needs to be fitted, the walls need to be painted. But yeah, just paying the mortgage and costs and not being able to enter… snifff!
Life is teaching me to be more patient… I am the most impatient woman on earth.. everyday less but it’s hard!! grrr

I am preparing the video on my trip, I wan’t to do it properly, and it’s a lot of recording time! but when i have it I will do a post and tell you everything!

Ok well I’ll keep you up to date with the outfits of these days!
kisses Photo 1 : total look from 5 + 1


Photo 2 : Shirt and jeans from 5 + 1, Bag from Carolina Herrera, Jacket from Mentha Shop

Photo 3 : Jacket from Eva Zaldivar

Photo 4 : Bag from Carlino, Jersey from La Soberana

Photo 5 : Hat from H&M, Shoes from Parfois, Bag, watch and purse from Michael Kors

Photo 6 : Shirt from H&M men, bag from Michael Kors and jeans from Eva Zaldivar

Photo 7 : Shirt from H&M, jeans from Eva Zaldivar, Trainers from Victoria

Photo 8 : jeans from H&M, shirt from Renatta and go, boots from Steve Madden and jacket from Jolie Chic

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