Mountain Colours!

Hello my darlings!!!

How is your morning going on? I’m organising the washer, suitcase and my agenda for tomorrow so that we have everything prepared for our trip to Comillas 🙂

Yo can’t imagine how much I need it!! We have not been since this summer because of my pregnancy and afterwards because Jaime was still very young!!

As you can already see my blog is in Chinese, English and Spanish, so that everyone can read it happily, a lot of people from other countries asked me for this and as you know I always try to do everything you ask me. Today I give thanks to everyone who has written me thanking this effort, because its thanks to all of you that this is being possible.

I’m investing all the time of the world trying to do better every day and studying new things which can make me grow and give you better service, so I always love to hear all your advices.

I still cheer all of you to participate in the raffle of the 5 STARS SPA CIRCUIT FOR TWO IN THE CITY THAT YOU WHANT, exactly the same as the one I had 🙂 Obviously I recommend it!!! It’s a totally legal raffle were by them, I can’t say anything or change anything, I can only give you this gift but you have to register on the raffle 🙁

For the ones who have asked if I could or would accompany them if it is in Madrid, I say YES, of course happily to do so, but only if you are a girl, with boys no 😛

Today I start with my new flange for trips through out the world, I have to think a lot as I have forgotten a lot of things about them, and search in my hard disc, but I promise I will work hard on it and put all my effort!!

This is fascinating for me!!

The beauty post which so much you ask for will be uploaded soon! I suppose that in Comillas I will be able to upload it as I will be more quiet!

I will also upload more looks and I will let you know all the details!!

OK, know I continue answering your questions:

Do you like gossip? Gossips about Famous?…

I don’t mind about Spanish famous persons gossips or their lives really, but I do like fashion, models and actresses of Hollywood, but Spanish Salvame … not!

Which is your preferred hairstyle?

I Love root braid’s, doing myself curls and just letting it tousled!! And also obviously I nice bun to be at home!

How many languages do I speak?

Spanish 😛 , English and French ( My parents are half French and at home we talk French for 50% of the time since I was born, this has been great for me!!!)

Essential Make up and which one do I hate?

I hate cream make up, base or however you want to call it 😉 I only use it when I go to a party or when I really dress up myself. Which is the least and with Jaime know even less 🙂

What I love and is always with me is rimel, because as I’m blonde and my eyebrows are also blonde you nearly can’t see them 🙁 also I have them quite long so they look great when treated 🙂

On my next post more answers to your questions 🙂

PD: I’m still doing my crunches, weights and my bottom exercises and yesterday I was able to run 2km 100m without stopping 🙂 and thanks to this I have lost half a kilo in one week but obviously having pineapple for dinner! I can nearly get in all my trousers 🙁

MY TODAYS OUTFIT “Mountain Colours” with my friend Linda , LOVE YOUUUUUUUU:

Decathlon Hat (on the fishing zone)

Cover: Top Shop

Shirt: H&M

Handbag: Carolina Herrera

Leggings: H&M

High boots: UterqÜe


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