What to visit in Copenhagen

It is one of the most beautiful Northern – European cities, and one of the leaders in terms of modern design and architecture. It perfectly blends the past and modernity, resulting in a charming town, though pretty much grey and very very cold!

Many of Copenhagen’s sights are relatively close and you can take different routs by foot to get to visit them.

Radhuspladsen. It is the City Hall Square in Copenhagen. The Town Hall, built in 1903, is rectangular. Its outside and perimeter are adorned with many sculptures of Norse mythology, especially dragons and snakes.

Tivoli. Very near to the Town Hall. It is the oldest theme park in Europe. Dont miss a  nighttime visit to Tivoli. 

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Also near the town hall. Carl Jacobsen (Carlsberg) donated in the late nineteenth century, its modern and ancient art collections to the public. The museum was opened in 1906.

Stroget. Is said to be the world’s longest pedestrian street. Starting at the Town Hall Square (Radhuspladsen), it takes us to the spectacular square of Kongens Nytorv.

Vor Frue Kirke. The Cathedral of Our Lady. It is the fourth church since it was built back in the twelfth century. It has been rebuilt three times due to heavy fire. The present church is a neoclassical building of the early nineteenth century.

Kongens Nytorv. It is one of the city´s squares.  Copenhagen’s Royal Theatre and Magasin stores are found here. 

The old city center. Copenhagen’s medieval area is built up from a set of pedestrian streets within the triangle formed by the west town hall square, Kongens Nytorv Station east and north Norreport.


Nyhavn. It is one of the most famous and well-known of Copenhagen’s views; the picture with canal and colorful buildings at the background. An ideal place for a stroll and a drink in one of the numerous bars and cafes.

Amalienborg Palace. About 500 meters north of Nyhavn is the Amalienborg Palace, the winter residence of the Danish Royal Family. With a little luck we can see the royal guard change.

Frederiks Kirke (Marmorkirken). The Marble Church. Also one of the best known buildings in Copenhagen. Inside it is spectacular, mainly due to the shape of the building and the feeling produced by the view  from inside the dome. 

Opera House. Just opposite the Amalienborg Palace and Frederiks Kirke; across the channel we can see this impressive building.

Kastellet. It was originally a fortified citadel. Kastellet’s construction was initiated in 1626 by the Danish King Christian IV to enhance the safety of Copenhagen’s defensive wall. Today, although  it still has military use, it is one of the main sights in Copenhagen.

Gefion fountain. It is situated on the outside of the citadel, southeast of Kastellet. Gefion was the goddess who, along with her four children, represented by powerful oxen, separated the island of Zealand (Zealand) from Sweden.

St. Alban Kirke. This beautiful church is found beside the Gefion fountain outside Kastellet. It is one of the most beautiful churches in Denmark.

The little Mermaid. It’s Copenhagen’s symbol and a visit and a few pictures deserve.

Rundetarn. The Round Tower. It is an astronomical observatory. It was part of the Trinitatis complex, which was aimed to make meet three major structures for the sages of the seventeenth century; the astronomical observatory, the student church and the university library. It is located in the old center of Copenhagen.

Rosenborg Castle and King’s Garden. King Christian IV built a garden which was known as Kongens Have, the king’s garden. Years later, the small castle, which was originally known as the ‘King Castle Park’ was built. Cristian IV called it Rosenborg.

Statens Museum for Kunst. The National Gallery of Denmark. It has a large collection of paintings made by Danish and foreign artists from the fourteenth century to today.

Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen. It is part of the University of Copenhagen and contains the largest collection of living plants in Denmark.

Rosenborg Castle, the National Gallery and botanical gardens form a practically continious garden, which invites us for a walk and enjoy the parks, especially in good weather.

Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center. This contemporary art center uses the old church building of St. Nikolaj Kirke, of which only the original tower remains.

Christiansborg Palace.

This group of buildings form the headquarters of the Danish Parliament, the Danish Prime Minister’s office and the headquarters of the Supreme Court.

Building Copenhagen Stock Exchange. Located near the Christiansborg Palace. The small tower culminates with an impressive spiral shaped dome made up by the linked tails of four dragons.





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