Superduper great day, world!!

How are you? I’m over floating with happiness! I wanted to call this post ‘’Dreams that come true’’ and I’ll tell you why…

One day, after a day of thinking and over-thinking (you all know by now that I think about everything and that I am quite a restless person) I thought, ‘what do I do with my future??’ I always dreamed of having something for myself, but you know how difficult that is and a normal job has so many benefits…

So I thought, let’s see…I have always been working, in communication agencies, stores and I have been in contact met many clients, social networks and now doing my blog, so I have the necessary experience and of course my studies: Marketing & Commerce, specialized in Fashion, and my ‘fashion and marketing expert’, fashion and events expert’ and ‘community management expert’ titles. And of course the photography course I did….what can I do with all that? ‘’I’ll just find an agency or client to work for and I’ll just work in marketing!’’ But it’s not that easy in the fashion world…So I decided to continue working as a freelancer, doing all marketing for companies and I spoke with Alberto about it.

He thought it was a great idea and said: ‘’ Why don’t you start your own communication company, specialized in fashion? You know all about it and you have a thousand brands that follow you and another thousand contacts…You know how to make a web site and it doesn’t cost you anything! If only one company would want you, it’s already beneficial! And if they want you, why wouldn’t you try to let everyone know? I’m sure more will want you to work for them!’’ So yesterday we talked for hours and hours and therefore I couldn’t write a post, because I immediately started the new web site! It’s very simple, since I love simplicity and minimalism. It’s easy, clean and direct. (I still need to update the picture; I want it in black and white, so it highlights the page.

So here it is… my new project! First I’ll launch it here and later I’ll launch it on the social networks, hoping that I can start my own business. Alongside of the blog of course!! I want to help everyone to fulfill their dream, like I did, to make sure they grow and grow and it will open doors for them.

Below I leave you the link…I’m so nervous, but sooo exited!! I worked a lot and finally things are getting off the ground! I will work hard to go forward and hope for your support, because I know that that is unconditional and forever. I am so thankful awards you all! Sometimes I think of those girls who are trying to be someone, but never respond on comments or messages of their followers and treat them like they are better than them…BUT YOU MAKE THIS ALL POSSIBLE, WITHOUT YOU WE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BE HERE AND CONTINUE GROWING…I SERIOUSLY OWE YOU…I CAN’T EXPLAIN HOW PLEASED I FEEL, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART…

I want to thank my family and husband, he is the best, he is always there, supports me, and put up with me!!! Linda and Oscar, my true friends, who have always helped me and are always there for me. They were the ones that told me to continue when I couldn’t cope with everything… and Jaime, to give me so much positive energy just by existing and – of course – for being such an angel.


My project



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