Hey hello! Here I am again!

How was your weekend??


I stayed with my parents and Jaime since Alberto is getting his PER (his sailing license) and he will have practices during the weekend and classes on week days. So Jaime and I are stuck together like super glue! Hihi. But I sort of manage it all pretty well! I’m happy with my new job: being the official photographer of two stores and doing their communication! And my blog. In the mornings I work from home and in the afternoon I take pictures for a while. Jaime then stays with his grandparents or his daddy J


This week I didn’t do any sports, SUPER bad! So tonight I will go for a walk again with Jaime, to re-start,

because this cannot be!!


Today I answered various questions that you’ve asked me, if you look in the commentaries of the posts, I’m responding to all of them!!


Are you ashamed to take pictures in the middle of the street or showing us your outfits, or don’t you mind? On Wallapop (Spanish buy and sell website) appear a lot of items that you bought very expensive, did you spend a lot of money on clothes and bags before? How did you come up with the name of your blog?

I don’t get ashamed at all! I just do it. People do look at me as if I’m crazy or think that I might love myself a lot or something, but I don’t care! I will never see them again any way and I don’t do anything wrong…it’s as if you go for a walk and all of a sudden someone passes you, singing by himself…those things make me happy, there should not exist any shame! In my case, I think they took it out of me when I was born…I’m just a little nuts from time to time!!


Yes, I have always worked to pay my expenses and as a fashion lover I would work over hours just so that I could buy a bag or shoes…I work since I’m 18. In stores, bars, as a hostess or whatever, just to be able to buy the things I want or travel. Maybe sometimes it took me a while, but in the end I was always able to achieve!!


I didn’t think too much, choosing the name of my blog, I was not expecting for it to become so known! I just thought…fashion and glamour…and that’s it: fashionVSglam! Like that! I just liked it! Now I even like it more than before! When I design I don’t know if I should use my own name or fasionVSglam…but I’ll see!!


Do you notice that people recognize you on the street because of your blog? And how do you deal with the fact that you’re not anonymous anymore? If the amount of followers grows, would you get nervous that people will know you or would you like it, to get famous little by little?

Well, to tell you the truth, it happened already more than once that people have stopped to ask if they can take a photo with me or they just look and then you don’t know if it is because they like the shirt that you’re wearing or that they hate your style…but later the emails arrive in which they tell you that they have seen you, but didn’t dare to say hi…But I am not famous! I’m exactly the same as you!! And besides that, I would like you to say hi to me…although I would feel a bit ashamed since I’m not really familiar with that …But really I would love it! This would prove that all my work is becoming successful…



Now first I will do some laundry, bath Jaime and respond emails. Then I’ll take pictures and upload the post. After that I have to take pictures for a web e-commerce of the store that I’m working for!!


Then I HAVE to do some sports (and continue!)!


Today’s outfit:

Bag Day a Day

Eggplant dress: Bonsui

Shoes: Mole Molé

Jeans: Blanco

Diary: fashionVSglam




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