My every-day must have’s!!

My loves!! uff another busy day! Later I’ll tell you about a restaurant I’ve been too! 

Right now we’re on our way to Navacerrada, with a McDonalds, it’s been moths since I last gave myself a treat like this! We’re listening to sorry by Justin Bieber, tomorrow we’re getting more things into the house, I’m so eager to finish it up, really! The whole process is being so slow… I want to decorate it, but we don’t have floors in it yet, but we do have all the pipeline system, electricity, and we are now putting in the wals, then the chimney, and then we’ll put new windows and doors… All new! 

Today it’s a beauty post! I haven’t written anything since Sunday… What kind of abandonment is this? Grrr!!

Tomorrow if I have some spare time I’ll tell you about this week! Lets get on with my fundamental products up until now!

Hair: I always use hair mask once every week, TresEmme or Kerastase, since a long time ago… I normally use Kerastase, but it’s good to change a bit, same as with the shampoo, always using the same brand when showering! Below you’ll find some photos!

Face: as a cream I only use multi active jout and multiactive nuit by Clarins, they are the ones that suit me best and they are also the best smelling ones! As a makeup remover I use micellar water Caudalie applied with disc cottons! And then the night cream! And in the mornings I wash my face and apply the daytime one!

Body: for my body I use reframing cream, truth is I usually keep changing brands, but always from the pharmacy, and on my stomach I use anti stretch mark cream, it’s very good, I barely have any left! During pregnancy I used Trofolastin which was very goos and now Im using Stretch Mark wich is working as good! What else… Ah! Lactovit Deodorant (since I started using deodorant, I love it!) and some tomes hand cream, whatever I have around, but Im always more confident about the pharmacy ones! For tired eyes and wrinkles I also have a pharmacy cream by La Roche!

I get my nails done every 15 days, with natural colours usually or sometimes white, it looks better when you’re tanned!

Feet: on my feet I use pumice stone in every bath and then I extend the reframing cream from toe to neck! 

And now, let’s get on with make up!

Right now I have in my make-up bag;

Burjois mascara (the one with a mirror), the brush makes your eyelashes longer and dosn’t make any blobs! You’ll see your eylashes great! I like it a lot!

I use illuminator and eye-bag remover, I jeep changing because two of which I used to use, are no longer made, so I’m trying new ones now! Right now I’m trying one from Astor which I got sent, but it’s not going to be the definite. 

On my lips I use lipliner from Estee Lauder N17 and regenerating lip balm by Clarins (non-colour).

Then I use the HM bronzing powder, as well as the brush! I also tend to change it a lot, I’ll keep trying new ones and commenting on them!

I hope you’ve liked it!!

Muakkk Muak! I’m leaving some photos:

img_3651 img_3652 img_3653 img_3654



img_3656 img_3657 img_3658 img_3660 img_3661

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