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Hello Woooorld!! (they say the “Hello world” is something which identifies me…yes! I love it! and as you keep reading me from many different countries across the world, I keep building my little space through the way I write!)

Who would say that, anyone apart from my friends would read my blog? In fact, they are the ones who least follow my posts! Sometimes my mother tells me; yes I know…I’ve read it…I read your blog to keep up to date with you! Isn’t it true mom? I’m not that talkative, don’t get me wrong..well, until I start to gain confidence, then I don’t stop…literally! However, at first I always stare and examine….then I loosen up, not because of shyness, but because I like to see who I’m dealing with to avoid wasting time…

How many times have you given all your love and trust to a friend, became inseparable, and suddenly overnight, they’ve let you down, and have to deal with an enormous disillusion..?

How lucky those of you who have never experienced this, you’re surely still too young… but it has happened to me many times already, so im not that easy-trusting now… 

Those who know me well tend to say “when you’re good, you’re the best… sometimes even too naive, but when you get angry…” As you may have appreciated, I have a lot of temper.. so before opening myself to someone, I prefer to evaluate if it is worth investing my time, which is very precious. 

Today I want to summarise my week since last Friday! 

If I remember correctly, last Friday I posted telling you I was in Navacerrada, allowing myself a disconnection weekend; enjoying my family, the mountain breeze (which I love!), and resting besides the chimney, because on Monday I had a photoshoot… YESS A PHOTOSHOOT!! 

It was so much fun! Here’s the story: a few months ago I met a brand at the hippodrome; out of 10 bloggers they had to choose one for their brand image…After a few months, when I had already assumed they had chosen another one, they called me! I was so happy! I had a great connection with the brand owner since our first contact, and felt she and her brand identified me very well…

At last the photoshoot took place on Monday. Well, I’m not a model, nor have the perfect body type… so I was kind of; okay this week it’s healthy eating and running…yes, of course I tried…but how can a veggie dish fight against home made macaroni?  

So I went to the photoshoot as my natural me, and you cant imagine how much i enjoyed it! I could have had the photos done and then tell you about them…but I thought of a better way for you to know about them.. a video for my channel!!! well it’s already here! 

As I am looking for a photographer, I called Teresa to try it out, and actually lots of my videos are going to be done by her, we are getting to know each other, lets see how it goes…I’ll keep you posted! She’s in case you want to check her out to work with her! 

Monday and Tuesday were two intense days, but then I received an email from NIWA SPA HOTEL, asking if I’d like to spend two days there! I did some research on it, of course, you can already imagine what it was… a relax DETOX escape! massages, countryside, close to Madrid… I obviously accepted! I didn’t know the area and it was only two days, so it wouldn’t be too much for Jaime, and I needed it…who wouldn’t??

Therefore, on Wednesday I left home, destination: Niwa! I slept at the hotel and returned on Thursday… having had two  90-minute complete massages, one each day – undoubtably, the best I’ve ever had. In fact, I felt like at home, rabbits, countryside, not a single noise, chill out music throughout all the hotel, pilates classes, walks round the village… I have to mention they treated me like a real princess; thanks to the hotel and Elena for everything, it was wonderful! I hope to go back again sometime with my children or friends! 

All these days I’ve tried to post, but I was so busy with all these activities, and I had to relax. However, I arrived yesterday as a renewed me, had a shower this morning, did my hair (during my spa time it was an all-time bun and washed face), stepped into my high-heels, had a walk with my husband and baby, and sat down to get up to date with my work…uff…it was hard!

My week’s looks and photos, a summary of everything…

I hope you like everything!! Muakkkkkk

IMG_0646 IMG_0661 IMG_0663 IMG_7473 IMG_7504 IMG_7528 IMG_7620

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  1. Hola Ana!!Me encanta tu blog y leo todos tus post! me gustaria que me dijeras donde puedo encontrar la cartera de Carolina Herrera que enseñas en el video de lo que llevas en el bolso…me encanta pero no la encuentro por ningun sitio!!!Gracias y un besoooooo

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