Good Wednesday night!

It’s been a busy day… Lately I’ve been drinking decaf coffee to relax a bit, but today I’ve had proper coffee and I’ve been active all day!

There wasn’t any milk this morning, I wanted to KILL someone, so Alberto bought some for me when he went to walk pepa, my hero!! It was late already so I had my coffee to get me going and got on to work! I’ve been from 9am to 1pm with emails and suddenly realised it was very very sunny, so I decided to go for a walk!

So, we went to have lunch in la Castellana – I’ll upload to my gastronomy section the restaurant where we had lunch – we loved it!! After lunch we went to the Corte Ingles to change one of Alberto’s birthday presents. On our way there, Jaime got excited and started walking by himself very quickly, and fell. He didn’t get hurt but his nose bled a little bit… poor thing, the first time he bleeds! He got really scared though, he even threw up… so with my heels on, I carried him the rest of the way… poor baby… I think I got more scared than he did… and my feet are killing me now!

So we managed to change his birthday present and then went to Moraleja Green for Alberto to find some cargo pants for Alberto in HM. So we stayed there until about 8pm, Jaime was so happy, dancing in all the shops, as per usual, and walking around! Then we went back home, took a bath and had a warm dinner, poor Jaime he was exhausted… we let him sleep in our arms today, normally he goes to sleep by himself.

We’ve been tidying up the house since… like maniacs! (I’m pretty sure it’s the coffee) my wardrobe is ordered by colours and styles and all my paperwork is ordered in different colour-coded folders…. My god… I’m still on the effect of the coffee shot I took after lunch… why do I do it!!

I hope I can sleep well tonight…

Good Night!! We’ll catch up tomorrow! Do you like the diary posts? Kisses!!

Photo 1: Jersey, shity and jeans from CINCO + UNO, shoes from STEVE MADDEN

Photo 2: Vintage sunglasses from Rayban

Photo 3: My look for last night’s dinner! Tomorrow I’ll upload more photos!

img_2281 img_2280


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