Hairstyle for a special occasion

Hey Hello Beauties!!

How are you today?

It’s already Thursday!!

Time flies this week!!

Instagram gave me a server error yesterday, so I couldn’t advise you about the upcoming fashion and lifestyle market! VERY annoying!!

Today I want to show you my ‘’special occasion’s hairdo’’. My friends came to our home to have a quiet diner, because Jaime had to relax a little since he is kicking me all day J

I hope you’ll find it easy to do this hairstyle even though the photos were taken by my Mac (It was easier than taking them with the tripod) which makes them not that great, but clear enough to see how I did my hair step by step.


I don’t have anyone who can take my pictures, even now that Fashionvsglam is growing and growing, but I start to handle it. I only started 5 months ago!! I could have never imagined this growth!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I love to do my hair like this; it gives a sweet and innocent look! I hope you like it!!


What do we need?

  • 2 transparent rubber bands, or at least don’t see too much; small ones.
  • Around 10 bobby pins (in your own hair colour).

Divide your hair in two halves, with the separation of the hair in the center, as you can see in the photo!

Braid your hair on both sides and bind them with the transparent rubber bands, so you see them as little as possible.


Make them a bit wider with your hands, so they get more volume.


Now you hold the first braid on the height that you prefer – with a little help of a mirror – and pin it up with some bobby pins, making sure you see them (the pins) as little as possible, despite the fact that you will hide them later with the second braid.

When you are sure the braid will stay in its place, you take the second one and put it in front of the first, so that they are closer to your forehead and you can see them good when you put your head up! Make sure the second braid is pined up as steady as the other one, so you can move your head without worrying to ruin your hair, but still feel comfortable without the pins hurting the skin of your head!

Done!! You can free some tufts of hair from the rest of your hair, or spray your hair with hairspray. I prefer the more natural and nonchalant look J

If you see the bobby pins too much, carefully move, or cover them with hair! Try to put them in your hair in the same direction as your hair is going, so you see them less!


That’s it!!! This is the result!


Foto del día 25-09-14 a la(s) 15.12


Foto del día 25-09-14 a la(s) 15.14 #5

Foto del día 25-09-14 a la(s) 15.20 #2

Foto del día 25-09-14 a la(s) 15.23 #2

Foto del día 25-09-14 a la(s) 15.30 #2

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