My beloved world!!!! how are you?

Im posting from the car, while we are on our way back from having lunch at the countryside, surrounded by dogs, cows and mountains. Nothing but nature, my brother, sister in law and my two boys… what else could I ask for?


I´ve been having some wonderful relaxed days… we´ve made thousands of photos, jaime is starting to walk and we are over the moon… such good moments.

I´ll keep posting mini posts with photos these days… we have to get up to date! it´s been nearly 4 days since I last posted and I have so many things to tell you about!

The weather was incredible during our stay in Comillas! good food, affordable plans, wonderful sleep… chimney… everything perfect!

Oh my favourite song is playing on the radio! (locked away) I´ll keep posting tomorrow! 

I know! but I cant avoid it! when it comes up I cant avoid singing, and I cant sing and write at the same time… I need to put the volume up, and sing with the windows down!

On our way to Madrid, I´ll get back to you in a bit! Im leaving some photos for you!img_9662-1 img_9686-1 img_9724-1 img_9720-1 img_9719-1 img_9713-1

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