Happy Monday

Hi-ya!! And happy Monday everyone!!

How was your weekend?

I’m in Comillas and super happy. Jaime loves it here; staring at the chimney, into the fire that hypnotizes him. He even sleeps more here, than he does in Madrid! Maybe it’s because of the difference in blood pressure when you are close to the beach. This always happens to me too, but for someone that small? Today he slept from 1am until 9am without waking up, he ate, and went to sleep again until 12am! Right now he is wide awake and playing with everyone!

The weather here is as always; the whole day it looks like it is about to rain, but then it doesn’t. Perfect weather to do sports!!


Friday it was our half-year-anniversary; 1.5 year married already. We went to eat at this Italian place to celebrate. Of course, I turned into the ‘’light mode’’ and we didn’t go running in the end…


On Saturday we stayed with the grandparents at home, we had a little walk. We didn’t do any sports and to make it even worse, we ate a Cocido Montañés (a Spanish stew) with all sorts of appetizers…a disaster!!

And I was the one saying that I wanted to come back from Comillas, having the same clothes size as I did before being pregnant…I have to wake up! So today I will go running and eat a healthy salad! And tonight: Pineapple, so I make up for it! In the afternoon we will go mountain biking!!

I can’t wait return to my own weight (my own body) and eat whatever I want, without having to worry about my weight. I was never like this, but after my pregnancy and my 15kg extra, I have to take care of myself. Right now I only have to lose 4kg; A piece of cake!!


Tomorrow we will go to Alto Campoo to go snowboarding!! I couldn’t be more excited!! I hope to come back to Madrid in one piece :-P. I love to be adventurous while snowboarding; to figure out if I can do this, or if I dare to do that..


Well, I will tell you about my yesterday’s comfortable outfit!


Jeans from Hollister

Shoes from Reebok the classic model (the ones that are hot right now are the ‘’Adidas Stan Smith’’, but because I don’t have the money to buy those and these are very much like them, I’m wearing these J I will start a new fashion!)

Coat from Forever 21

Blue-and-white striped blouse from H&M


I’m going to organize the snowboard outfits! So excited!!


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