Jaime´s Birthday

Hello my loves

How are you? How have you been this weekend? I´ve actually been really tired, we´ve been in Navacerrada working in the house! We´ve finished demolishing and we are now building! 

On Friday afternoon I left Jaime with my parents, so I could get a good night sleep and be able to help Alberto with the house on Saturday. It turns out I cant be without Jaime, I missed him so much! Yes, It´s quite exhausting taking care of him 24/7, and even more now that he is nearly walking and I have to have a thousand eyes on him… I need some time for my own, to work, have a peaceful shower or whatever, but at the same time I always want him with me! I´m sure im not the only mother with these mixed feelings!

Since we picked him up this morning I haven´t stopped hugging him until now… He´s playing with his dad while I´m writing this post from my phone!! New update! Let´s see how it works, it could be very handy!

His birthday is tomorrow, his first year of life… I´ve been organising everything like mad! I´ll keep you posted, but my plan is to go big! Im more excited than he is, obviously!

We´re already in Madrid, I´m going to give him a bath and tomorrow I´ll make a video on his da and his party! I hope you like it! 


Good Night!

photo 1: yesterday… my shoes full of dirt while working on the house! this never ends!

photo 2: A good lunch to get energy and continue working!

photo 3: Thursday´s rainy look! jeans from Hollister, coat from Guillen Bayona and Hunter boots!

photo 4: Coat from zara (bought two years ago), Bag from Michael Kors, Victoria sneakers and scarf from H&M

Photo 5: Trying on clothes at Eva Zaldivar 

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