Wooow, you almost killed me!! But I’m here!!

I have been in Javea and I didn’t have internet to contact you, but … I’ll tell you all the details and answer more questions :-p

I don’t know where to start…so many days!

Thursday: 4pm, we finished packing and went to pick up my brother, because he was coming with us to Javea. We went to see my parents, to tan a little, disconnect and enjoy like we do every summer. We left Pepa (my dog) at a friend’s house and with all the cameras, music and suitcases packed, we started the engine!!

We arrived with a delay because of summer’s traffic…horrible! I want to be rich and just go everywhere by plane, since – so far – there is no traffic in the skies…grrr!!!

When we arrived they were already waiting for us with diner ready and afterwards we went to have a drink and Jaime stayed at home with my parents. To be honest, we weren’t really in the mood to party, so we decided to go to sleep and take advantage of the fact that we wouldn’t be tired and could wake up early to make plans for the next day!

We spend the whole Friday, eating and playing with Jaime on the rocks, boulevard and beach, getting him used to it from an early age on! And he is not even 6 months old! He was so happy, protected by the whole family, following him where ever he would go.

What we love to do in Javea, is spend the day going on excursions to creeks, snorkeling, see fishes, jump from little cliffs and get tanned. We usually shower around 8pm and go for a walk to see the little stands of the hippies. After that we go for diner on a nice terrace or at home, chocolate crêpe by the sea side, or a glass of wine while listening to chill out music.

In the mornings, the whole family is awake at 9am, so for the people that stay up late, this means: or earplugs, or coffee…hahaha

I took a lot of pictures! You can see them on the social networks! But I will also leave you some photos here, to show you some of my outfits!! In summer, I like to dress more hippy-ish and a little less classic than in winter!!

You can almost find my clothes online in the web shop!! Let’s see when I can do it!!


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