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Hey everyone!


As I mentioned before, I felt like getting some highlights to brighten up my hair, since I’m pregnant and my hair got darker (one of these things that happen when you are pregnant).

So I went to Llongueras Mirasierra, where I know I can trust the people to do a great job to make me look prettyJ.

They always treat me like a princess and always give me exactly what I want, with the best products I could wish for. I truly recommend the Llongueras salon!

I’ll tell you what they did step by step! I am so happy! Do you like the change? I think you’ll notice it best on photos where I’m in the natural light!



They’ve applied a hazel color in my hair, using the ‘’Patch technique’’ (this is a technique where they apply the color, using a comb. This way the color spreads in thin and irregular streaks on the hair, with varying intensity for a natural effect. I think it made the color of my hair look very natural, don’t you think?



Ritual Semi di Lino Diamante from Alfaparf-Milano

This is a hydration treatment with a nutrition base of natural essential oils such as linseed extract, vitamin E. Omega-3 and Omega-6.

The oils enter deeply in the hair cuticle, providing a wonderful softness and shine! The hair will restore its natural health and volume. In addition, it does not contain any artificial elements like sulfates and parabens, but is al natural and very hair friendly!

The treatment contains shampoo, two nutritive ampoules and a hair mask of essential oils, all with an incredible fragrance that intensifies the ritual. You should definitely go!


You can find them on Facebook: Llongueras mirasierra

Twitter and Instagram: @LlonguerasMirasierra

Or visit their website: www.llonguerascerrominguete.es

Tel: 0034 (0)913 763 101


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