Good Thursday night everyone!

How are you??? Sometimes it seems like I’m speaking to myself… You don’t tell me anything!

I’ll put you up to date! You know I’m a fan of the whatsapp voice notes don’t you? Well, the worse that can happen is that after recording for 5mins (because I don’t stop talking) I receive a call and bye bye to my vn… You can always do it again, but it will never be the same, but you have to do it, you can’t keep it inside! At least I can’t…

So that same thing happened to me the other day with the blog, I wrote a post and suddenly it got deleted!!! It had never happened before, I wanted to die… I couldn’t start it again, it wouldn’t have been the same…

This having been said… Let me tell you some things!

This week has been crazy, it had all been organised so that Alb could go to work on the house on Monday and Wednesday and my parents could stay with Jaime, then Tuesday and Thursday his parents would stay with him, and that way, I could stay with Jaime until 3pm and have free afternoons to catch up with the HUGE ACCUMULATION OF WORK THAT I HAD! And I still do…

Editing photos for brands that I’ve worked with, for El Prado, some photograph books for some girls, my agency, the blog, my Looks… I’ve filmed a video on what I’ve bought… It’s quite home-made but I think its quite bad quality-wise… I think I should make it cooler, or do you want to see it… I’ve set the goal of making one per week! What do you think??

I went shopping (just a mini one)! I needed it, and with all the expenses on the house, I felt bad… But anyways it’s HM, and for something I work, don’t I??

This weekend looks quite good, the week hasn’t gone as we expected… I spent the whole of Wednesday with Jaime and I bought some things, went for a walk… He can’t be home all day! Today I’ve had two meetings and then I’ve been at Moraleja Green where Eva, a friend, has helped me film a video!

Then we went back home for lunch and I’ve been from 3 to 8 with emails and work (on the computer) not on my phone, as I am always! I hate it!

Then from 8 to 9 I went to the gym and picked up Jaime at my parents in law’s house, and right now writing the post and Alberto watching Game of Thrones… (I hate tv)

Tomorrow he’ll go up to Nava to finish up some things, on Saturday we are getting the chimney!! At night, we’re going to do movie and a romantic plan! And on Saturday I’ll go up to Nava, well, all of us will! To spend the day there! My uncle and aunt are staying at my parents’ house so I go to see them, it’s been so long since I last saw them (they don’t know Jaime, and I really want them to meet him!). We’ll then see how did all go in the house once finished! At 10pm he has reserved something somewhere for the 28th, our day… It has me so intrigued… I’ll tell you all the details!

I think I know what I’m going to wear… A backless jumpsuit, closed up at the front, a nice belt and heels and clutch… Dressing up!!! I’m so excited! With Jaime we barely do it… (Dressing up)…

On Sunday, we have a lunch with loads of friends, really random because some of them don’t even know each other, but it’s going to be cool because there are lots of children! And it’s at a terrace in a park so we’ll eat under the sun! We don’t see too many friends lately!

Not much more to tell you about! Let me know if you want to see the video! And what do you want me to talk about… Things you miss, things you want to know, I’ll reply to everything! A special post like… Dear to tell us?? I don’t know! Muak!

Here are some photos!

Good Thursday night everyone!

Photo 1: Just woke up… so cute! Pyjamas from Carrefour and bag from Aden and Anais

Photo 2: Photo-shooting (jumpsuit from cinco+uno) and Jaime photobombing! 

Photo 3: Progressing with the house… walls ready to paint them!!

Photo 4: Shirt from Cinco+Uno, shoes from Juicy Couture (338 online), shorts from HM, and vintage Rayban sunglasses

Photo 5: Having a walk! shoes from Castellanos

Photo 6: Good night world!

Photo 7: total relax with his dad’s pyjamas on (30 years old)… that’s what grannies have!

Photo 8: Mummy, stop taking photos and concentrate on me!


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