Lulaby vs Buylevard

Good morning and happy Monday!

How have you started the week? I have started it really happy and with a lot of new changes!!

1. Now I have and, this means I have done a new step and we will have available the website in Spanish and in English, this will take some time to translate all the older posts by all new posts will be in English also from now on. I’m doing this because of the growth I’m having and I have to do plenty of changes for better because Im running out of time! Can you imagine this?¿ I would have never thought people from other countries and other languages could follow me, thank you to all of you 🙂

I accept suggestions!!

2. On the other hand, I have also introduced a new Icon which sends you directly to CHICFY where I will also upload (I hope quickly as I have little time know) all my closet on sale, I have done this because a lot of girls have asked me to do so as they use this website instead of Wallapop, like this you have both possibilities and ways to buy if you want my closet.

3. I also have a new photographer! A friend of my Linda! She is going to help me because my poor husband Alberto is already getting a little fed up 😛 after S.Santa you will see the changes!!

Lets hope you like them!!

For the people who ask me where I am? Im at Madrid until Friday, and on Friday night I will be at ComillasSantander putting the chimney happily, and I will be there for 20 days at least.

On the other hand I would like to thank you for all the comments in all my social networks!! I always read all of them, even if they are a lot, Im only able to thank you all at the end of the day or the next day, because Im out of time, and its nearly impossible to name people as you are so many, Im really sorry I hope you dont get angry with me :-( But as you know I will always try to answer you back when you have doubts and other specific things!! For everything else you always have also my email which is always available.

I would really like that all of you tell me in what things I can get better or which changes you think could be good as you are the ones which follow me and read me!

4. Also, Im going to put a new tab for my trips, in which Im going to put all of them and also countries were I have been and I recommend, places to see, were to eat and sleep … Don’t panic as we normally travel to cheap places, or even the cheapest, as we dont like to spend tones of money only were we sleep, the important thing for the place to sleep for us is that it is in a good place and clean, as we prefer spending our money in food and moving around…!!

I remember you that the draw for the Spa Circuit for two persons as the one I posted some days ago, will not be closed until next month, so I let you again the link so that all of you have not subscribed can do it now!!


In my todays outfit we have Lulaby vs Buylevard:

Raincoat of Buylevard! Go and have a look to there website urgently as today they are starting with the SHOPPING NIGHT!! A great event and very important in which they do great discounts on products of the new season. Dont lose your chance run!!!! IT ONLY LASTS 24 HOURS!!!!!

Lulaby shoes, this are so pretty and really really original, Oxford style, with a craft essence which I love, different types of cloths … this are manufactured in Spain. They are very comfortable and really uncommon.

Jeans from Blanco – today I have been able to fit in another of my old jeans from before pregnancy 🙂 Im already able to fit in 4 what a horror… but I will continue with my sports and healthy food, little by little 🙂

I hope you like everything!!

A huge hugeee kiss for all of you!!

Thank you for making this possible!

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