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As I commented in this morning’s post, I’ll show you my makeover by Llongueras Mirasierra that I told you I would love to do one day! I couldn’t think of a better place to go to, than go to these professional hairdressers that treat you like a princess from the moment you come in. Nothing is better than arriving in a place where everyone smiles, where you get advice from the best stylists, without having to wait, where sweet and open-minded people make you feel welcome. I feel very pleased with the quality service that they offer and I will obviously count on them when I need another change!


First they gave me a hair treatment:

– Ritual Semi di Lino Diamante by Alfaparf-Milano:

The stylist that looked after me was Sandra. She recommended me perfectly what would look best on me. Maria gave me the hydration treatment with a nutrition base of natural essential oils such as linseed extract, vitamin E. Omega-3 and Omega-6. She applied it using an intense and relaxing massage technique which was perfect for pregnant me and actually everyone who could use some relaxation!


The oils enter deeply in the hair cuticle, which gives the hair a wonderful softness and shine! The hair will restore its natural health and volume. Also, it doesn’t contain any artificial elements like sulfates and parabens, but is natural and very hair friendly!

The treatment contained shampoo, two nutritive ampoules and a hair mask of essential oils. The room smelled like relaxing candles which made the treatment even more sensational! I felt super relaxed and happy afterwards!


In the meantime Tamara took care of my hands, – Since I’m pregnant I’m hyperactive and I started biting my nails, so my nails looked horrible – giving me a manicure while I had my head placed under the infrared lamp, covered with tin foil.


The manicure:

– Nutritive oil and a smooth base for the cuticles and nails, by Barielle.

– Hand massage with a moisturizer of kiwi and strawberries.

– Cherry-color nail polish ‘’In the nick of time’’, by Barielle. It’s a hot item this winter – now that we are all pale – which makes the color looks great in combination with our skin. Since I had short nails, I couldn’t have a French manicure. But I love this result as well!

– Top coat Lechat by Barielle


Result: Tell me what YOU think, but I am SUPER happy!! This is exactly what I wanted, which is difficult to achieve. It’s a topic that we women talk about a lot: you go to the hairdresser and they do more what THEY want instead of actually listen to what YOU want. And this is exactly why I recommend you to come here; they’ll make you feel home! Everyone should go to Llongueras Mirasierra!


You can find them on Facebook: Llongueras mirasierra

Twitter and Instagram: @LlonguerasMirasierra

Or visit their website:

Tel: 0034 (0)913 763 101





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2 thoughts on “Makeover by LLONGUERAS MIRASIERRA

  1. Muy guapaa !! Se lo he recomendado a mi hermana y ha ido! esta encantada aunque tu deberias habértelo dejado largo largo y mas rubito! Estas impresionante como siempre pero ese peinado es muy de mayor no? Te queda bien pero me gusta mas despeinado como lo sueles llevar! Un beso enormeeeee y gracias por ayudarnos cuando pueda voy! yo si que necesito ayuda!!

  2. Estás ideal!!! Me encanta el cambio! La verdad es que una nunca sabe a quién confiarle su pelo, pero ha sido todo un acierto, guapísima!!! Un besote!

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