Very nice day my loves!!!

How are you handling this week? On one hand perfect, nice weather and you don’t wake up in the cold and arrive frozen to work and you end up taking of a thousand of layers…but on the other hand: what am I doing home when there exist swimming pools, parks, etc.? Sniff!!!


The worst thing is to see the kids leaving school and I hear them having fun there, from my office and I’m here working… it makes me jealous!!


I used to hate school, I was a very bad and lazy student, hated the exams and the moment I would get back my grades…what would my parents think? Or even better, how would I feel, telling them…omg memories…yess I was a horrible student… but later I gave it all and tried to make up for the time I lost and did the Masters…But it has been hard!! It’s better to study year by year than to have to do everything all at once!

And above all, I would never recommend repeating…I changed cities which I didn’t like at all and I had to repeat. I wouldn’t even wish that for my enemies!

For the people who are repeating: give it your best! Afterwards you are going to have a great summer!!

And for the workers: Just think of the end of the month, the stability of having a job (especially now-and-days, we have to be thankful for that), having a salary and feel in balance.


Now that summer is here and me still with my extra kilos…I still can’t enter like a thousand pair of jeans…BUT: I re-started my sports-routine! Let’s see if I can post something of what I do now, tomorrow!! I already noticed that I’m working out again; I’m having muscle pain and lost a tiny bit of weight, but in two days you can’t really tell of course…


My web shop is almost ready, it turned out that the size of the screen, or the theme or something didn’t wanted to load and I had to contact the designer…so stupid!!! Grrr!

I want you to see it already!!

And what do you think of the idea that I upload once a week, or every two weeks a video to Youtube?


Details of today’s Maxi-skirts-look:

Maxi skirt from Zara (a present from my friend, because she didn’t like it and I did)

Belt from Morocco (but you can buy similar ones in H&M)

Sandals: Mary Paz

Basic shirt: H&M

Bag: Parfois

Sun Glasses: Salvador Bachiller


What do you think of the look?


This afternoon my weekend plan and a Gastronomy post!!




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