Hello my loveees!!

How are you?? 

I’ve been non-stop this weekend…. and I need a rest as soon as possible…

Friday was a total working day, from 8 to 11 working at home….

On Saturday we went up to Nava to continue with the workings in the house! We only have to fix the roof and floors and do the painting… the bathroom is ready too! I was exhausted, we worked in it from 9 to 6! We had lunch at McDonald’s… I needed a refill of energy and I love McDonald’s… I’ll remember later at the gym… grr then a shower,we got dressed and went to pick up Jaime that was staying with my parents in law, and we went to have dinner at a terrace… the desserts… you’ll see them in the photo section… I couldn’t stop eating… and then back home to sleep. 

On Sunday we went to have lunch at Los Peñotes (a greenhouse with a restaurant), I loved it and it wasn’t expensive!! Then we went to a friends house with 5 other friends and Jaime, we spent the afternoon in the garden talking, it was so sunny!! Some having drinks, other with water and a baby, then we ordered sushi and then back home!

Today (except right now that he’s asleep) I’m going to spend the day with Jaime at the park, having a walk, taking a bath, together… he starts playschool tomorrow…uf I’ll tell you how it goes… I’ll film a video, will I cry?? or will I be happy?

I’m preparing the uniform and his school kit! I’m quite happy for the moment!

We are then going to go to Carrefour for this week’s grocery shopping and then to the park, and when he gets tired we’ll go for the bath and get ready for tomorrow!! uff I’m nervous… and Alberto is traveling until Thursday night… :(((

I’m going to be okay because it’s just from 9 to 3 (tomorrow only until 1 so that it’s not too much for starters) It will be like a working timetable… I’ll be concentrated working and I’ll be really efficient… I want to do so many things and change some others, I’ll tell you about it eventually!!

I made a home-made video, for a change, as you always ask for it, as you can see I’m uploading many things in my YouTube page!!

Ask for things you’d like!


Here’s the link to watch it!! Every time I go shopping I’ll make a summary of it!! 😛 !! Muuua

Photo 1: Sunday shopping in Decathlon before lunch!

Photo 2: Shirt from Neck and Neck, trousers from Micanesu, shoes from Shoeslepetit, dummy lace from Kemonada and wall-clock for the new house from Miss Wood!!

Photo 3: Sundaaaay!!

Photo 4: Oh my god… so good… ñammm

Photo 5: No comments on this cake..

Photo 6: Our healthy weekend lunch… :p

Photo 7: My loves all dressed up!

Photo 8: Sometimes exhaustion makes you sleep in very original positions… to call it something jaja! poor thing he was so tired I didn’t even want to change him his pyjamas, and he was a bit dirty!!!

Photo 9: Espadrilles from Amara de la Cruz, Cinco+Uno jeans, ring from SingularU (discounted when putting anamanrqueg) and Michael Kors watch!

Photo 10: Total Cinco+Uno look and HM jacket!

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