Summer Preparation

Hello my lovers!!

Today is Saturday and as I told you this post is dedicated to my body preparation for the summer, lets hope Im on time and I can be ok for then, because as you all know before being pregnant our bodies get a little worst aspect, soft … and summer is coming soon and I have to prepare my self 🙂

Who does not want to be pretty and have a little better their own body on summer? Im sure everyone. Everyone who says No, I think they are lying! Every girl is strict more or less with their aspect. I got 15kg in my pregnancy and I saw my self quite good, I was so happy eating everything I wanted, and I didn’t mind if I could not get in my cloths, I WAS PREGNANT 🙂 but know… I would like to go back to my weight and appearance, so Im starting my training from today.


Ok, this is what IM doing every day, I need to do this my daily routine, lets hope I can do so.

Every day:


– Run 2km, always the same route without stopping and every day I have to run some more meters at least 200m per day, depending on how you feel! (I use de mobile phone app Endomondo, which measures plenty of things and have a pulsometer to help me see my heart rate, with this Im able to see how well I recuperate my self after the workout).

– I normally go running with my music to motivate myself, normally I listen techno music 🙂 when running.

– After running I don’t get the lift and with this finish my workout going upstairs 5 levels.

At Night:

I repeat the workout of the morning, but with the following additional exercises:

– I have started with 100 abdominals, and also I have to each day some more.

– Weights: With a small weight, I do 100 repetitions of each muscle arms, shoulders and chest.

– Bottom, for this, the best workout I most like is the following: Video


Also, the first days help your self with some vitamins 🙂

Talking about food:

Im also pushing hard with what Im eating, so Im only eating chicken, salads, turkey and fish, everything cooked without oil on the iron.

Also, some days I eat vegetables.

For breakfast one toast with tomato and olive oil or with some turkey, a coffee or an orange juice with some vitamins!

I normally don’t have after tea and at dinner time something light, like this you will also sleep quite better which is one of the most important things so that your body can regenerate muscles …

If you are really hungry have some fruit.

Drink a lot of water, more than 2 litres per day if possible, and also Tea is really good and healthy, I don’t really like them but ok they are very good.

What else, what else…

I think I don’t forget anything, but you can ask me whatever you want 🙂

I like a lot doing sports with black cloths, or black and pink cloths… all black is easier to combine and like this I don’t need to spend a lot of money on sports cloths which by the way are not cheap :-( and you don’t have to be pretty you just have to do some sports and feel healthier.

By husband has just bought me some ASICS for running and Im really happy with them and for the cloths, Decathlon is really cheap.

What I really like is to go on the weekends to the mountain and do some walking and sports at the country side and after have some wine with the sun on your face!!

Last year (2014) without knowing y was pregnant we did a route from Teruel up to Valencia sleeping on the country side, we did every day 60km with about 15kg extra on the bike because of food and the camp house … so it was quite hard and Jaime was already with us 🙂 We did this with some friends of us and it was real fun I push everyone to do things like this 🙂

After this route of 250km when we came back to Madrid the doctor told us we were pregnant of Jaime and it was like a shock for us, just before doing this hard route. After this I stopped doing sports because I was a little worried for the baby so I have lost a lot of strength and rhythm but I hope I can get this back again quickly 🙂

On Monday new post with new outfit!!

Have a happy Sunday!!






6 thoughts on “Summer Preparation

  1. Me encanta este tipo de post!! Yo no he tenido un bebe pero también estoy con la operación bikini

  2. Me encanta este tipo de post!! Yo no he tenido un bebe pero también estoy con la operación bikini

  3. Clarooo, yo algún día me escaqueare seguro 😛
    Jolin que bien yo menos no porque estaría muy delgada pero con volver a mi estado soy felizzz muakkkk

  4. Hola! Me parecen muy buenas recomendaciones pero tambien es importante decansar algun dia a la semana, es igual de importante que el ejercicio! Yo he dado a luz hace 10 meses y peso 5 kilos menos que antes del embarazo la dieta sana es muy importante! Un beso!!

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