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Hello my loves! Here I am again! Next week I’ll make a post per day okay? Get ready because you’re going to get fed up of me! I’m having so many visits on my blog, I so happy!! They more than double those on social networks, so I’m gping to work more on the blog and less on networks! What do you think?

Yesterday I was left very happy after being at the radio studio (lets see what I think once I hear myself) but I liked it quite a lot and I think you’ll like it too! I’ll tell you when it gets broadcasted! They are on vacation right now, so not happening for the moment!

I received many questions through email, the blog and through a phone I was given! I repeat it a couple of times on the recording, whatever yo want send me a voice note through whatsapp and I’ll reply during my programme!

To some I reply through the blog so they don’t accumulate! I’m happy, the agency is working pretty well and I’m working on the programme on sports and food. I’m eating healthier and talking to a very good nutritionist which is going to help me out after some tests, and I’m also deciding between two gyms to start as soon as possible! I want to take care of myself both inside and outside, and disconnect for a bit while doing sport. I’ll tell you more next week, if not this is going to be way too long!

Sara – Mini interview:

1. Beach or Mountains?


2. Which is you next good clothing/accessory planned aquisition?

I want a long Carolina Herrera bag, which I want to check out again, and some very cool sunglasses… I’m looking at the next trends to choose right!

3. Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

I hope that with a happy family, healthy and working in the agency, blog and in better conditions as a whole!

4. Did you ever stay awake all night studying?

Yes, because I went out and I had to work the next day, leaving my studies for the last minute… I’ve slept until 4am and then studied all the way until the time of the exam. It’s the worse thing to do, you need to sleep!

5. What do you miss?

I miss a good dinner with friends, all in the same sotuation, I’m the only mother and the only one married… And it has separated me a bit from them… Eventhpugh I still see them, it’s different.

I also miss having time to get my nails done, or even be bored for a day… Or saying, okay lets goy on a trip… With jaime and so much work it’s really difficult!

6. Have you ever been shy with something related to the blog or being a blogger??

I am very shy when I have to take photos on the street, as I need to do loads of them, and people look… It is uncomfortable some times… It’s strange, I still don’t get used to it.

Sonia: some questions Ana

1- Did you take your piercing off?

Yes! I only had one on my ear and I got tired of it so I took it off!

2- With what you bloggers earn, you are the only one that doesn’t brag about your bags and keeps constant, wothout changing too much… Why?

Well, I spend it on a morgage, in the new house, in the agency, in going out for dinner, and I also save for Jaime’s future… It’s different, but sometimes I do like buying something for myself! Anyways I don’t have much time to go shopping…


3- I’m a mother like you, with a 7 year old child and a baby with 4 months, you are awsome! People have talked to me about you amd they’ve told me you are always working and taking care of your baby without help, how do you manage to cope with everything? I admire you! 

Oh thanks! With a lot of love for my work and a lot of energy in everything I do, it gets less hard like that!

Silvia: The big question, which is your favourite clothing if you could just choose one?

Uffff my god… Just one thing? Mmm I think my brown Carolina Herrera bag, it’s a classic, it is made out of the best material, it has a perfect size, and it matches with everything!

Kisses! I’ll wait for your questions and tips to get better!

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