Hello! Here I am again!

So your question is… What did I do yesterday, isn’t it? I actually succeeded! Not only I went for a run and had a long walk, but I also did loads of abs (after pregnancy my stomach looks like flubber), leg and chest exercises! They are our weapon! We need to take care of them!

After that I did some squats with Jaime on top of me! We had so much fun! Then I took a bath and a healthy dinner! A salad and a pineapple juice!

Once again, I have my gym clothes on, I’m not going to go for a run because it’s too late… But I want to do exercises, more than yesterday! And no one can stop me!

I’ve been all morning at home, dealing with the agency, emails, some work, Jaime, wallapop… There are already loads of things for sale… it´s not even a 10% of all I plan to sell, but I’ll upload photos of it all, bit by bit! It´s quite boring taking photos of it all…

At 4pm I went for a coffee with a friend! It was full of little birds, perching on our table – it’s an enclosed terrace. 

We gave them bread crumbs! We had ordered some bread for Jaime, but we gave it to the birds! Jaime was stunned watching how the birds were eating the bread crumbs off the table. I happened to stretch out my hand, and the little birds got closer, resting their legs on my fingers! And just like a 3 year old would, exclaiming: “look! They are so cute! so brave! I want more!”. Jaime was looking like “oh! ohhh!” very excited!

So… I decided to put the bird on Jaime’s hand, just to see what he would do (he was sitting on my lap) He sat there playing with the birds… he gave food to half of Madrid´s birds! I don´t know who enjoyed it the most… him or me! I didn’t get to film it because I was distracted by the excitement… so we´ll go back tomorrow, with his daddy!

You’ll think I’ve gone mad, but really, try it! you’ll even forget about your coffee, just bread crumbs!

Im leaving you some Looks and photos from yesterday and today! Kisses!

P.S. I want more comments! See you soon!

Photo 2: Fresh cheese, mushroom and onion salad!

Photo 3: Victoria sneakers, jeans from Met, bag from Elissabetta Franchi, coat from Amichi

Photo 4: Shirt from CINCO+UNO, jeans from Hollister, shoes from Mole Mole, bag from Vips, jacket from Oxygen

img_0337 img_0343 img_0383 img_0487 img_0541




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