Hello worldd! How are you? uff Im so busy with all preparations for Santa the Three Kings, new year’s eve, what to take to Copenhague… tidying up the house for a cool video with christmas decorations… today I’ll finish all up! Before leaving I have to finish my coat… I have an old bison coat, actually it was my grandmother’s, or aunt.. can’t really remember! Its camel-brown  and I love it… but its size as crazy as it may seem, I’ve fixed it myself… it is actually really complicated, but if I take it somewhere to be done it would have cost me about 2000 euros at least… so here I am, it’s nearly finished! I’ll take it to be cosy and warm!

You’ve asked for a post on Advice, here they are responding to your questions!! if you have any other, I’m happy to help!!

Q1. When you’re home in your pijamas, or in any comfy clothing and you’re staying home, do you still dress yourself up? Do you have in mind hiring someone to help you out with chores at home? and, how many days per week do you clean up the house, or how do you organize yourself to have the house under control while being a mother and having so much work?

A1. Ohhh I wish Lourdes!! I’d love to, you never know!! If I stay home I’m always in my pj’s and with my hair tied up in a bun, with no makeup on! when I leave the house I sometimes leave without makeup, or maybe just a little… and sometimes I like to wear my high heels! but normally I always stay as comfortable as I can when I’m home! The worse you are at home, the more you fancy to dress yourself up when you go out!

Yes, I do have in mind hiring someone to help me at home, we already had someone, when I didn’t work at home, but now I stay home we can handle ourselves like this and manage to save a little money! Everyday we vacuum the house, sometimes it’s Alberto, sometimes it’s me, it’s a vapour vacuum so it’s quite easy, quick and cleans really well! It’s really important to keep the house clean and safe with Jaime around!

The kitchen.., there’s a cook, and then there’s the one who has to clean up! washing machines, dish washers it’s either of us! I love my clothes, but I don’t iron!! Alberto does iron his shirts, I don’t… I hang them on a peg and into the wardrobe!

Q2. Ana I have a doubt, and as I see you’re life is going pretty well… you have a wonderful husband and baby, a job you love, your own business, free clothes, get paid for assisting events… all of what many of us dream about! how do you make your decisions so well? how do you know what is going to work, and what isn’t? give us some advice!!

A2. Puufff, it has taken me a lot of work to get where I am… and I’ve been wrong many times, I’ve fallen on my face and fought to get back up again… You have to take risks, that’s the key to success!! You have to take chances for what you want, and if it doesn’t work, don’t waste your time, look for other alternatives! I’ve worked in many companies, I’ve had 2 or 3 serious relationships, one of which was 7 years long, and then Alberto, with who I’ve been for 5 years now, and many flings until I met him! I’ve cried, I’ve made them cry, I’ve tried the impossible… and when you think it’s all lost, it’s when it arrives!

Always… never stop trying to achieve your dreams, you’ll make it, don’t be afraid! It’s worth it!

Failing is part of the process, you learn from it, grow and become stronger, if you don’t try you’ll reach your 70’s and you’ll keep crying for not having tried, and it will be late to do it. That’s how I think of it, and until now, I don’t regret anything, because every time you think you’ve been wrong, you’ll end up looking back and you’ll see how every wrong and right was essential to take you where you are!

Q3.  I’m a 30 year old girl, I’ve always wanted to get married and have children at the age of 28-30, but I fight with my boy non-stop… Now I don’t know if I really want to be with him, he’s a good guy, and I love him, but I always do what he wants, and he barely does anything for me, and when he does, he can’t stop bringing it up. When he does do something for me it seems he’s forcing it, he does what he wants, and when I don’t follow him, we don’t get to do things together.. he gets bored with what I like, and well, I do get bored with his stuff, but love is a thing for two isn’t it? I’m a bit tired, but I’m not able to dump him, we’ve been together for 10 years…

A3. Okay.. lets take it slowly: If you don’t stop fighting, why do you keep hurting yourself? We only have one life, and you’re wasting it in this way… Life is to be happy, enjoy.. there are enough uncontrollable bad things in life for you to stay with those you could change… even more, when its hurting you both. It’s clear you’re not happy with him, and probably he isn’t either… If he’s not able to make an effort for you, 1 – he’s not your other half, because as much as you have in common, the better (or being opposites but complementing each other). 2 – if he knows things which make you happy, and can’t be bothered to do them just to make you happy… I don’t know to what extent he is keen to make your relationship work… and of course, two don’t work if one doesn’t want to…

There are thousands of good guys out there, but only one, which isn’t him, is who is waiting to make you the happiest woman on earth!  It’s unavoidable to bring up the good things you do for someone… thats the human race, when you get blind with anger you bring out the worse… Anyways, things shouldn’t be “forced”, but done for love.

Sometimes I’m a little harsh with my advice, I’m quite radical… but I really think this relationship, for what you have told, has already turned to ashes, and you’re holding on because of  the 10 years  together… NEVER stay attached for pity!!!  Who knows, maybe your dream becomes true before you think! I was in a similar situation once, 10 years is a lot, even more at our age… but people change and we can’t force them to change as we please.

Q4. Ana, it’s been a year since i started reading your posts, I don’t miss any of your videos, I wish I’ll get to meet you someday. You seem so confident and you inspire me a lot, not only for your outfits, but in general. I am 28, and I gave birth a year ago… I cant recover myself from it… I gained 20kg and still have 5 to lose. I used to weigh 50 kg and I’m not capable to eat healthy or do some sport. My skin is fluffy and lots of  my hair has fallen off… But I can’t continue like this.. even if my husband likes me like this… I don’t.. and im starting to feel insecure, for the first time in my life…

A4. First of all, thank you for following my posts since so long ago!!

Stay calm, this is something that happens to all of us; our bodies change, and you have two easy options: 1 – shame yourself for your body year after year, eat anything you want and do no exercise at all.. but being as happy as you can be with everything, except your body…. 2 – exercise and turn to eat you were before, the way you feel good about yourself, but abstain yourself from many other things… I’m at an intermediate point, I’m not working excessively hard on my exercise, but I’m happy… with my new body!  I love to eat fast food, pasta, pizza and drink wine… I’ll stop it the day I start worrying about it! If you’re insecure with yourself build up an sport routine and force yourself to do it! You’ll feel much better, and I can assure you after this you won’t want to eat any unhealthy food. Sometimes, even though our husbands love us the way we are, we need to feel good with ourselves.. so after this christmas get on with it and get your self esteem back!!

Q5. Ana please, could you du a VLOG+? with this I mean a video per day, during a period of days? your routine, lunch, everything?

A5.Yes of course!! It’s been many of you who have asked for it! I’ll do it while I am in Copenhague, I’m leaving the 29th until the 2nd and I’ll film everything during the 5 days! After that I’ll start a “Travel” section in my blog! Kissessss!!!

I hope you’ve liked this week’s outfits:

photo 1: Jeans from H&M, trainers from Victoria

photo 2: Hat, bracelet and necklace from Laoneta, Jacket from Menthashop, Jeans from Eva Zaldivar, Boots from Just fab

photo 3: Jaime’s clothes from Carrefour! “Jaime” letters for Corazon de madera

photo 4: jacket and shirt from H&M, earrings fro MarketplaceNY

DSCF1186 DSCF1176 DSCF1177 IMG_8595 IMG_8596-1 IMG_8598-1

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