Some Things!

Hello world! How is your weekend going? an intense week? happy? I´d love to know about you!

On Thursday I worked on all the agency preparations for the #modeloporundia (model for a day) event! As ambassador, I wanted to be up to the level, although being in those days of the month that make you bloat! 

Actually, we did have a great time, we left jaime with Alberto´s parents, and we gave our most in the event! Loads of people came by, and it felt like home, everything went so well, though I would have loved to meet you all!

All said, it was very tiring too… It´s all on video, I´ll uploaded it in not too long!  We arrived home like about 12, when our 5-year anniversary was striking the clock! so to celebrate, we went out to have some wine and toast for our happiness for these 5 years and all the things, good and bad, we´ve been through together! I´ll probably make a post on our story at some point, it is awesome!

When we finally arrived home we were so tired… we fell asleep within a minute!

Friday was a stay-in day… I worked in my pijamas at home… emails, the agency, the blog, photographs, the video… jaime running around playing with his toys!

Alberto went to the bank, and brought back some breakfast! Mini philadelphia, turkey and avocado sandwiches and some pain au chocolat… so our plan was brunch, work and games!

Alberto and I are working in the dining room, we´ve left the rest of the living room for jaime to play! 

I´m leaving you some photos! I´ll post and I´ll keep telling you some other things on the next post… I´m very talkative today! 

photo 1: Friday´s breakfast

photo 2: Jaime with his new bike! he loves it!

photo 3: the house’s new bad-ass

photo 4: jeans from cinco + uno, jacket from HM, boots from Top Shop, scarf from homemade

photo 5: hat from HM, bag from EZ

photo 6: Thursday´s breakfast in federal cafe madrid

photo 7: Pepa and Jaime bonding

photo 8: Pepa tired of playing

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