At last Im posting something… You know what’s my problem? I want to get everything done, and I want to do it good, I think I can cope with everything… And  suddenly I get overwhelmed… But until I don’t get it done I can’t be okay.

But I like it… I must be self-destructive or something like that… Hahaha ( Im laughing to avoid crying) sometimes it’s hard being like that… 

Anyways… Where should I start… When I start I can’t stop! 

So this weekend you’ve asked what have I done, I’m reading all of your emails and slowly replying! I don’t take more than two days, but sometimes they are really long, be patient please! Or text me through the blog, it will actually be easier!

On Friday we stayed in working until really late… Not much to tell you about… On Saturday we were invited to have lunch in Aravaca, and we left Jaime with his grandparents. After that we went to have a beer with some of my friends and then we had dinner with some other friends… I finished exhausted! Today we’ve been at the MBFWM to Andrés Sardà’s and Roberto Torreta’s runway! I’ve liked Roberto’s best, the music, the simplicity and the environment! I’m leaving you some photos!

 I’m now dying to get some sleep… I should be taking the clothes off the drying line, preparing my agenda, or watching a movie with Alberto, relaxing… I didn’t even have tome to go grocery shopping… I’m glad I’m already done with my events and big meetings etc etc… I’ve had so many these 2 weeks… I have so many things to tell you… I’ll slowly tell you post by post!

This week should more calm, so I’ll update you!

I’m so tired… I don’t know if it’s the time of the month or because it’s Sunday or because of the weather… But we all have lower days and it’s better to sleep and rest on them! Tomorrow I’ll come stronger! I’ll let you know some hair tips and loads of new things… Surprise surprise…

Kisses, sleep tight my loves!

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