1. Which agenda do you use? MR Wonderfull, I’ve been using these for 4 years already!
  2. What’s you’re best friend’s name? I think its Lucia (from school), or Frany (from uni)
  3. Which face creams do you use? Claris, daytime and nighttime! the new ones..
  4. Could you do a “How I met my husband” Tag? Yes of course!! I’ll keep it in mind
  5. Essentials on a day to day basis? Coffee, washing, emails, 100% battery and an up to date agenda.
  6. What has been the toughest moment in your life? Buff… when I was little I had a tough time with friends, I changed city and it was difficult, studies.. everything was affected.. Being mother is also difficult some time! 
  7. Your phrase? Live and let die
  8. Passions? Fashion, photography, animals, horse-riding, mountains, chimneys, reading, designing, music…
  9. Favourite and most hated food? My fav is certainly is Moroccan or indian food, pasta, foi,  barnacles, and addict to “pipas”…. and what do I hate? I like all food actually, there’s nothing I’d say I cant eat, oysters I’m allergic to and I’ve never liked them quite much… Things I’d rather not eat are those with mayonnaise, like the potato salad! 
  10. Perfect destiny? I loved Prague, London for shopping, I’d have to visit NY…I’ll go when I have money to spend and live it as I’ve always wanted…Like “sex and the city”, maybe when im 50…
  11. Most frequent shop? Undoubtably, H&M, I’m a great fan!!
  12. Something that really bothers you doing?  Changing the cat’s sand pit…yes I have a cat! and she doesn’t let me photograph her…it’s impossible… Queueing bothers me soon much, I run from them. 
  13. Piercings / Tatoos? I took of the piercing I had on my ear about two weeks ago… I’m a mother now, I don’t see myself with it anymore… Tatoos? I have one with Jaime’s birth date written in roman numbers, really really small, but its not visible, it’s just for me.
  14. Zodiac sign? LEO
  15. Wolf or Sheep? Wolf
  16. Dominant or submissive? Dominant
  17. Adventurous or homely? Adventurous, I hate being 24 hours at home
  18. Beach or mountains? Mountains
  19. Cold or Hot? Cold
  20. City or Countryside? Countryside
  21. Are you the kind that likes dancing in partys, or the kind that sit down and gossip? Dancing kind all the way! I dance by myself in the car, at home with the radio, in parties…
  22. Android or Apple? Forever Apple
  23. White or red wine? White
  24. Meat or Fish? Meat
  25. Sweet or Salty? Salty since I was little
  26. If you had to choose between the Blog and a high-rated marketing post in a well known company? The blog is my project, the company would be a guy’s who someday started like I did and reach what we all wanted… You can work to make others rich, or work to be one of them!
  27. Any operations? None
  28. Insecurities? I’d like to have thicker lips, a more toned body… I don’t like it as it is now, when I get the time I’ll work on it!!
  29. Someone you cant stand? MERCEDES MILÁ
  30. White, grey or black? Black or white, there are no greys with me..IMG_8132

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