Taking care of myself

Good morning world!! Here I am again!!

Uff…today without stress, like “today is Tuesday and I don’t have time but I promised I would write´´…so better…because yesterday it was impossible, but so you know, I fell asleep with the guilty feeling of not having done what I wanted to…But I will post 2, I just don’t know when!!

Today is Wednesday, it’s 9.30 in the morning, Jaime had breakfast and they brought me my breakfast to the bed, like a princess, a huge coffee, toast with turkey and yoghurt! I love it! And here I am, today from my bed with 1000 pillows in my back, on TV Pepa Pig and Jaime in his hammock, singing with the cartoons (let’s see how long that takes and if I can write in peace)

I have my agenda, calendar, laptop and mobile (charging) and my nice and hot coffee, that’s a nice way of waking up, isn’t it?

I have to finish editing the video that a lot of you asked me for! How I take care of my hair and advises to have beautiful and healthy hair. I hope you’ll like it. I actually really like to make videos for YouTube, I have a lot of fun doing it. That way I can tell and show you everything perfectly!

This is my channel, just in case you haven’t checked yet!

I am gonna start 2 topics: healthy recipes and traveling

On Monday I’ll start eating healthy, go more often for a walk and re-start my exercise schedule, I want to take care after myself again, do sports and don’t eat so unhealthy, more veggies, fruit, fish and not so often pizza, popcorn, chocolate and fast food.

I started to work a lot as brand ambassador and doing photo sessions, fashion videos, lots of events (yesterday Springfield, Calvin Klein) and as you know I am a perfectionist…I always wanted to make doing sports, my routine and I was able to do that before getting pregnant, we went mountain biking, I went running every day and uff I slept amazing and felt great in my clothes…obviously I don’t want to lose any weight, I want to gain muscles and take of fat. Just to tone and little by little…not too much, just to work on my legs and not be so skinny from the top. What do you think? Will you join me? Shall I leave you my schedule and we work out together for one month?

I will post breakfast recipes, lunch and dinner, and I will eat and do it myself!!

Would you like me to post recipes on YouTube? Ask me for videos!! And I’ll do it! And I will dedicate them to the person asking me for them and send kisses to you…In this one of the hair I didn’t do it yet though…

A huuuuuuuge kiss!!







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