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How are you all today? For a lot of people the weekend already started and for many also the Semana Santa (the Spanish Easter week)! Me, I’m already in Comillas! Yesterday we decided to escape sooner, since we both work from home so there’s no problem. Besides, the weather is going to be the same, since its COMILLAS…J

In this Post I would like to thank my Dutch friend Linda for helping me translating my new posts on, since she is sort of bilingual and speaks almost perfect English; something that I would love to be able to as well, but I still have to improve a lot!

Of course I want to thank my husband Alberto who is always supporting me and helping me find ideas. He is translating my old posts to English, which I am very thankful of! He is the best!

Last but not least, I want to thank my friend Oscar that took these pictures and will try to do that some more. Sometimes in life you realize who your real friends are, especially when you are trying to follow your dream. It takes a lot of effort and you struggle day and night to figure out how you can grow and improve, but you realize that with help you can actually give it a good change! And even better with the help of friends or family!

Even though I hate asking for help, it is something that I am trying to change. I always try to help people when they need anything – and I don’t mind – but now I have to understand that if I need help myself, I should be able to ask for it, so now and then.

I’m very happy these days, I made a lot of decisions about the changes I am going to make and I am adding things to my profile on ‘’Chicfy’’. It’s so entertaining! It makes me feel so excited!!

I received a lot of emails from you to congratulate me, thank you all so much! I repeat: without you, this would not have been possible!

I am also still working on the launch of my Photography website (, so that I can receive more jobs and I can do the two things I love doing most: Fashion and photography! As you can see on the banner, I offer a photo shoot for only €50!

Exactly 1 year ago, I got pregnant. Time is flying! One day we are mountain biking, and only one year later we are having a walk with our little family, drinking coffee while reading a book and giving Jaime the bottle on a terrace!

This week we are going to do a ‘’village tour’’, from where I will upload photos and recommend the most beautiful and nicest places to visit in the North of Spain!

And also – call me crazy, but – Alberto and I are training for the ‘’Spartan Race’’!! I would love you to come with me, we will do the 5km. Even if I have to finish the race crawling, I don’t care; I WILL make it to the finish! I think it’s a great challenge and super amusing, but it’s going to be pretty hard. That day we will suffer a bit, but afterwards we laugh, toast and eat some sandwiches together! Wanna join? Send an email to if you want to come with me!! I’ll leave you the link so you can read all about the race! We still have one month to train!! SPARTAN RACE

My todays look: Tre’s Shop VS me!

Hat from H&M

Jacket from Tre’s Shop, mottled Oversized style

T-shirt from Dressmadrate

Treggings from H&M

Black booties from Zara

Bear key chain from Parfois

Bag from Carlino


On Monday, April’s First post.. Where I tell you about the surprise they’ve given me.. I will leave you all with a healthy portion of curiosity hihihi!

Sign in to the draw if you didn’t do it yet!


Thousand kisses from the North!! MUAH!!

perfil ok cara botin TRE’S SHOP VS ME!

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