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My Loooves!! Today I’m so happy!

I’m still a bit sick, sleeping for hours and a bit exhausted. I’m having loads of work hours but I’m sleeping and eating fruits and vegetables and drinking loads of water!!

Today is my programme presentation on the radio channel where I’m going to work, it will be your favourite fashion programme, because I’ll listen to your tips, changes, help and anything you want to advise me on.

I’ll talk a bit about everything! Ask for things you want to talk about, you can contact me via email. I’ll interview designers, shop owners and new brands, people who are starting, models… Anything that you have in mind to make this a wonderful fashion radio, which by my judging, still doesn’t exist!

On Monday I’m recording my first programme, Urbanstyle by Ana Manrique. But today at 20.00h listen to http://mixlr.com/darwiniansradiobike/ ! My presentation will be on, and lots of other things! I hope you like it!! “From Madrid to the sky” some say… who knows where I’ll end up? With your support I can go wherever the wind takes me!! You’re my fuel!

I’ll wait for you! Please let me know if you’ve liked it and things you’d like to listen to!

Kiseeeees and thanks wooorld!!

Now it’s time for a cousin afternoon, lets not loose traditions! A good snak and time to enjoy family!!

Today’s look!

Jaime's nap yesterday on the sofa

Jaime’s nap yesterday on the sofa

Breakfast at Starbucks

Breakfast at Starbucks

Yesterday's super healthy dinner

Yesterday’s super healthy dinner

HM shirt and trousers, Victoria trainers

HM shirt and trousers, Victoria trainers

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