Hey World!!!

How are you today? What an exhausting day, to continue in that rhythm….ufff!!!

But I’m very happy for various reasons!!

Jaime now only coughs, so tomorrow he will go back to daycare, because he hasn’t been going since last Monday…he is so bored right now, poor thing…I’m thinking of the fact that he will become 1 within three months, he just turned 9 months, the day before yesterday! And I remember wanting to let him stay at daycare for 6 hours, when he is 1 year old…now he only goes 3 hours, from 10am to 1pm…at 1pm, some of the kids sleep, others scream or cry and that’s why I decided to pick him up after 3 hours and let him peacefully sleep at home. So I’ll try what feels and looks best and I’ll keep you posted…First I want him to be longer than 2 days in a row at daycare, because he only went twice and was sick at home for 7 days…poor thing…because now he can still be at home and I’ll work my way around it…not great, but I prefer being with him.


On the other hand (thats why I want him to go more hours a week to daycare in a couple of months) various brands choose me for their winter campaigns, which makes me super happy! Every time they invite you to nicer events and better brands and they contact me and everything goes up and up, we are already 60.000 followers a day plus you that read my blog.

You don’t know how happy I am, and motivated! I knew my dream would be fulfilled after a lot of work and nights without sleep…and here we are, little by little…I still remember a lot of you, from when we were only 10.000 and you told me: “I’m not sure about your growth, now you will stop responding and you will be like others, you grow and you change…but I swear I WILL NEVER BE LIKE THAT. And I think I’m keeping my promise pretty well, I always answer and on Instagram I read EVERYTHING, ALWAYS. And I ALWAYS answer your questions!! Sometimes there are tons of comments and you think I don’t answer, but look closely and you’ll see I always do. Of course I might not always call all 40 by name, but of course I answer!! I want more!! And I smile with every word you write me!!


Let’s see, more things…Yesterday I had a day full of events, I got to know new collections of brands, had meetings and received new budgets for my communication company…I will me handling the blog of one of you, because you asked me how to grow in this world, everyday new and better things!! If there would only be more hours in a day…


This weekend I will be recording 3 videos, or 4, I will power up my channel, with all your requests… let’s see if I can record myself, so I don’t have to feel bad, asking for help all the time…


On the other hand, my house…my god…everyday it looks worse, we are changing and breaking everything, but of course later we will have to renovate everything. We are trying to do everything ourselves, me and Alberto. I am checking YouTube all the time to see how things should be done; how do you break down a wall or fix my `beloved´ ceiling?

Basically: how to do things and save money, without destroying the house of course…You won’t believe how much work it is…


The last weekend of this month I will go to Andorra, They have invited me to the fashion week there, the trip and the hotel, everything, with other bloggers; I’m looking forward to it!! I need some relaxing days of pampering, shopping, peace and massages…I’m so super thankful that they have counted on me!! This will be the first time that Jaime will be two days without me…and me without him…will I be able to handle it? Or will I be nervous and overwhelmed instead of relaxed and able to enjoy?? I will let you know…Let’s see if I’m able to make a nice video of the trip. I have one more thing, but I will tell you later!!




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Below I’ll leave you this weekly looks!!


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