Greeeeaaaaat Easter weekend everyone!!

How are you doing these days?

Here in the North, everything super relaxed and good! And we still have some weeks to go, which I really like on one hand, but also, on the other hand, I would like to go back to work and do my things.. I’m still looking and searching..


Many of you have asked me how I’m handling doing sports and dieting (me and my kilos) and to be honest with you, I skipped the diet pretty often. It’s impossible to follow a diet, being here with Alberto’s entire family at home, having Northern family lunches. I don’t think it looks to good, telling them I won’t eat their food because I’m on a diet bla bla bla..I don’t want to be rude..

So I’m eating everything, but just try not to eat too much.

But yes, I am still doing sports: I’m running and mountain biking every day. And: I broke my personal record! 3km and 300m!! Without stopping!!Although, I think I won’t be able to ever break that record!! :-p

I just hate running! Mountain biking and walking is fine for me, but running just makes me grumpy.. Though I noticed that I almost fit all my pants – Closing the button and everything – and that does help me to hate it less. My pants are still very tight, but I did lose 2 more kg .. When I return to Madrid I will measure and weigh myself again, to see what the results are. I’m probably gaining weight because of the growth of my muscles with all the exercises.


Jaime is doing very well!! He’s growing a lot, healthy, happy and he sleeps like a log. Except for when we go running or take our bikes, (that’s when we leave him with the grandparents for one or two hours) we take him everywhere without a problem. Today we will take him to the beach. Not that he will realize any of it yet, but we just can’t wait!


Today I would like to announce that I am April’s Woman Vanity Fair. Now you are probably wondering what that means.. Well, Woman Vanity Fair is a natural and sensual woman who feels good about herself, likes to show natural elegance and hates stereotypes. She feels good in her body and likes to benefit her shapes. She loves lingerie and above all, this makes her feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. Vanity Fair is the maximum expression of de feminine essence linked to comfort.

I would have never thought I would fulfil this image for a brand like that. For me it has been a great compliment and illusion, especially after the birth of Jaime, when my body doesn’t look it’s best, I could not have imagined they would call me Woman VF!

I’m super happy with all the sets they gave me! They are all so pretty! Today I will show you two of them and in a couple of days I will show you some more.




As many of you have asked, I will tell you about my tricks to feel sexy and how I get all dressed up for special occasions!!


The make-up I always use is:

Concealer: Mary Kay

Mascara: Chanel

Rouge: Ultra Glow, a color between cherry and brownish (which I also use for my lips)


Respect the hair:

Lately I just leave it natural; I blow dry my hair upside down and pretend that I have a fringe (combing my hair to forwards with my hands). I don’t use a comb or brush! I will just ‘’brush’’ my hair with my fingers so I won’t lose volume and it falls naturally, just how I like it!

The next day it will be all flat, but then I make some curls and comb my hair afterwards. I try not to touch the front part of my hair too much, so it will look natural!! Let me know if you would like me to upload a video, where I show the make-up and hair tricks to you!! Here you will find the link of an older blog where I show you how I take care of my hair: http://www.fashionvsglam.com/beautiful-hair-with-curls/


To respect my skin I don’t use any special crème’s; For my belly and bust I use musk rose oil (which they‘ve recommended me after giving birth), for the rest of my body I use body oil from Johnsons – which is super hydrating and smells like baby J – and for my face I only use Nivea or Musk Rose Oil if I have very dry skin.



Don’t forget about the draw; a circuit of Jacuzzi’s, aromatherapy showers, steam baths and sauna for two. It’s for you and your friend/partner in the county of your choice, in a climate of luxury, pampering and peace.

Don’t miss it!! Tell all your friends; register everyone! Because in the end of the month there will be a winner!! You only have to register here and the draw will take place!! It takes you less than 20 seconds!! GOOD LUCK!!

Click here: http://www.azayr.com/concursos-Azayr


See you soon!!


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