You ask me a lot about my clothes…

Hey Hey!! Here I am again! Being faithful to my Tuesdays and Thursdays!!

How is you week so far?

I am doing great!! Many ask me how I handle everything and what’s my secret…

It took me 7 months…I’m blond and new in the field…

First I was like: okay, what is Jaime’s timetable? Let’s see…If he sleeps before lunch and in the afternoon, like two times, one hour…at 10am it’s breakfast time, lunch at 2pm, a snack at 6pm, bathing time at 8pm…he sleeps from 10pm-10am…How do I organize myself?

Well, I wake up, I prepare breakfast, feed Jaime and leave him in his little hammock, watching some cartoons for 30 minutes, to rest a bit or I dress him until 12 and leave him in the cradle with his toys. Of course, in between I play with him, although it looks like he prefers playing with his own toys…

When he watches the cartoons, I check my emails or write a post, when he is playing in the cradle I get dressed and prepare his bag with diapers, water, tissues and teat where after we go for a walk…that way I get some exercise. Every day I take another route so that he sees a little bit of everything (although he usually falls asleep). At 2pm, or sooner, I’m home and make us lunch. First I feed Jaime and then I let him rest a little while watching cartoons, so I can eat.

Afterwards I usually have my afternoon coffee in front of the computer and work some more when he is asleep. When he can’t sleep, I play with him, let him ‘’walk’’, laugh, crawl and play with Pepa…Until he is tired enough to sleep, so I put him to bed and be able to work some more…

Around 6pm, Alberto comes home and together we leave the house to take photos or tidy the house, I go for a run or we do the shoppings; sometimes the three of us, sometimes we take turns…

Honestly, Alberto helps me a lot; he also does the laundry, irons and helps out with other chores. Even though I do things at home as well, I deal more with Jaime.

I work when Jaime plays with papa until 8pm. Then it’s bathing time, time for diner and cuddling until he sleeps, or watches a movie with papa en mama in bed…

Once in bed is when I answer at all the comments on social networks and that’s how I get around…I don’t know if that’s the normal way of doing things, but the pediatric said that Jaime is doing great, is more advanced than average and super healthy and happy, which makes us – of course – even happier!!

Something else…You ask me a lot about my clothes!!

For anything you like, you can email me, because I SELL EVERYTHING!! Oh well, ALMOST EVERYTHING!! I have so many clothes, that if I won’t sell them, Alberto will kill me :-p He can’t handle any more clothes hahaha! But of course, that’s how men are: they will never understand that we can have more than 5 pairs of shoes and still complain we don’t have any shoes to wear…So the conclusion:

If anyone fell in love with something they saw a while ago or recently à send me an email!!

Would you like to come with me to events, shows or brand presentations? Comment on posts and I’ll do the things that you ask me for!!

Next video: 3 hairdo’s!!



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This week’s outfits:

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  1. Hello Ana, it is wonderful to read your news about Jaime,Alberto and your business! Your English is fantastic ! Congratulations! Do you do the blog in Spanish as well? We miss you. Chantal too!

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